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Saboteuring Mean Girls on Bravo’s Work of Art

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Double ughs, Michelle and Lola. Lola rationalizing about cutting in lines as a child because her impatient mother could not wait shows that her inclination for bullying is inherited. Her annoyance with Kymia because she is polite and has manners reveals just how little she cares about her own character, but then, “mean” girls aren’t about caring, they are about, demeaning, or ignoring others to make their selves feel superior. Michelle and Lola sitting around laughing at their own poor behavior, buying in to each others self righteous folly, is revealed in the content of their piece. Once you get behind the surface and imagine yourself the voyeur as they suggest, you are confronted with devious behavior and debauchery. This is taken further by deliberately and repeatedly trying to sabotage others work as they giggled with joy at their “mischievous” actions. They should have been eliminated for that. Granted, yes in real life, street art is tagged, but the act of tagging is different from the act of creating a work of art that is about to be judged for a tv show. They make the Sucklord look classy. While I liked the sort of no holds barred approach at letting their imaginations go, the whimsey, the silly, the contrary-ness of their choice of imagery, the actual art work fell flat. Difficult to see, poorly composed and not big or bold enough to fit the scale of the wall. Visually or conceptually they didn’t pull it off.

Speaking of Sucklord, the most entertaining aspect of the show has now been eliminated, there won’t be quite as many laugh out loud moments.

Young and Dusty’s piece was cool, but did not really have a street art vibe. I liked the way they put there differences aside to really come together in a very compatible way, but I like Kymia’s and Sarah J’s piece best. The big bold imagery fit the space, was interesting, and clearly something was uprooted.

I hope Dusty wins and I can’t wait to see him scrunched into young’s short shorts LOL!!

I loved the little white dress that China Chow wore for them to paint on. I had to kind of suck my teeth at Simone de Prury’s attempt at being cool by adding to the sucklord’s boob spots, oh brother :b hahah

JERK OF ART: The world's worst artist



Pug, WoA, episode 6

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Took my girl pug to the vet this morning to have her damaged eye revisited and its healing quite satisfactorily. !! 😀 JOY ! the hole int he cornea has shrunk to less than half its original size and it looks like surgery won’t be necessary and she won’t lose her eye. really, I’m swelling with peace of mind.
About episode 6 of Work of Art the Next Great Artist:

I know a lot of people think erik behaved like a jerk which he did, but some forget that he has had a traumatic brain injury and that could affect his impulse control. Honestly I think that some of his frustrations were warranted. From the get go Miles took over. Erik’s ideas were constantly dissed and not negotiated at all. Knowing that his elimination was imminent if he could not claim his part in the execution of the idea beyond just doing heavy lifting and construction must have been maddeningly frustrating. He did not express his frustration effectively but other team mates did not help matters, I thought it was a set up for exclusion and not a fair collaboration. Suddenly sleepy anti social Miles was all take charge and further claiming his import by referring to his previous piece saying it was a continuation of his ideas from that. The episode was so drama filled that most discussion elsewhere is about the personalities rather than the art pieces which were both not great, and understood, materials and time constraints, and working as a team (not natural for most artists) prevents anything really inspired to occur. The other team was completely opposite, and the happenstance choice of team members couldn’t have been more deliberately designed had it been. If you get what I’m saying. The challenge itself dosn’t seem an effective barometer for illuminating talent or the execution of ideas. Since the winner of Work of art is an individual, grouping them together in creation, awkwardly dilutes their singular chances for winning and forces them to give up control over their own outcome.

Can’t wait till next week 😀 !! haha

The day is unfolding very slowly for me, I’m wanting to stew in my happy pug momma feelings, savoring the goodness for my girly pug. Plan to do some yard work, housework, artwork and cooking. Intending to appreciate my life and home, my furry creatures and hub. Wishing all a good day and good weekend. Stay cool!

Work of Art the Next Great Artist

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Last nights episode of Work of Art, the next Great Artist, in my opinion was the weakest yet. :(

I don’t have much time to write because its a work day but I will say that I simply can not understand why Jamie Lynn did not get cut and why Nao did. Nao can be obnoxious but her piece was the only piece that illicit ed any reaction at all, it was disturbing and confusing which is more than anyone else did, nothing at all was shocking, and that was the premise, make a shocking work of art. Sex is not shocking and Jacklyn’s soft core porn pic with yellow stars is similar to a gazzillion of images on the internet, its only redeeming value was her using Eric’s idea to put a jar of sharpies available for people to write graffiti on the images, that was conceptual but not shocking. Boring.

Need to think about it some more, but got to get to the gallery, its a work day

Edit: I have to say, its great fun watching the show and love the various discussions over the web. Jerry Saltz one of the judges does a recap each week and in the comments Jaclynn defends herself: “Critique my piece as you like, but do not suggest I lack self-awareness without first reading my thoughts on the piece. If you still hate it, fine. If anyone watching the show is really interested in myself or any of the other artists – rather than just trashing us – go to our websites, read our blogs, then make your assessments.”

I still think her piece wasn’t strong enough to be in the top two, and the eliminations were not well chosen. Jamie Lynn should have been cut, her piece was not at all interesting or shocking, and neither was the girl in the rabbit suit.

There was some very funny moments throughout and I enjoyed listening to Serrano.

WANGA ( Work of Art the Next Great Artist)

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

As you know I am watching this every week and can’t help but weigh in, cuz its fun.

“Last night on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, the artists entered the gallery to find judge China Chow standing in front of a bunch of question marks. She produces a suitcase and asks everyone to pick a paint tube out of it. Each paint tube contains a word or phrase: some examples were monster, love, good vs. evil, and time travel. The artists travel to the other side of the question marks and find book covers of six classic novels: Alice in Wonderland, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Pride & Prejudice, The Time Machine, Dracula, and Frankenstein.

This week, each artist must create a cover for a classic book. Kathryn Court, president and publisher at Penguin books, came to talk about how important artwork on a book cover is. The winning design will be published on a penguin book which will be for sale all over America. They have until midnight that night to complete their work.” Mike Bandy

It kind of bugged me that the artists were so impressed by the possibility of being published that they stressed way more than in the previous episodes. I dunno it changes things, also, it was for a commercial assignment, so all the import given it sort of negates the fine artist.

What struck me with this episode was just how much the participants had to be more than an artist, they really need to be a jack of all trades, And given the assignment one needs some graffic design experience with typography.

Poor Judith, she really was acting a little crrrazzy. The pressure must have been getting to her. I learned this morning that Jane Austen would write letters to her daughter backwards. Had the judges known that, Judith’s piece would have had a lot more credibility and maybe she would not have been booted off.

Jaclyn’s piece was weak and and her sniffling after the critique was annoying. She seems to want to use her womanly wiles more than her brain, but most artist’s know you have to be thick skinned in the art world, I keep thinking of Tom Hanks saying, “crying, there’s no crying in baseball!” Well, crying under those circumstances is not impressive and I think Jaclyn is far too impressed with her body and it stops her from coming up with good ideas. Putting a semi nude, contemporary figure holding a black hat like in the movie “All That Jazz” is not a good idea for a period piece Jane Austen novel.

I have been disappointed with the critiques from the judges and the artists, some are harsh and mean spirited and in one instance, China Chow made an unnecessarily disdainful expression and her comment was snobbish. Snobbery in the art world is far to prevalent and not helpful. Giving constructive criticism without sentimentality or useless emotion, or rude remarks takes skill and intelligence and can be very helpful for the artist and also for the viewer to understand the elimination rationale.

I was anxious to see the interpretations for Alice in Wonderland, disappointing!

I can’t say there was any one piece that I thought was spectacular although, I have to say, Miles piece was very clever and visually attractive. I had to laugh out loud at the comment Nao made, maybe Miles will read for his piece, ha! (he literally read the whole book “Frankenstein” before doing his piece).

Work of Art/the next Great Artist

Friday, April 9th, 2010

I blogged about my experience auditioning over a year ago for Sarah Jessica Parkers up coming reality show on Bravo.

well, finally a sneak preview of the fourteen artists chosen and some glimpses into the show:

Work of Art

Like most reality shows this one will probably be formulaic. I’ll still watch, maybe there will be some interesting banter and maybe even some interesting art~~

“Is America ready for art criticism? Because plenty of art criticism is definitely part of the mix in the Bravo cable television channel’s newest reality show, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,” which is slated to debut on June 9, 2010, at 11 pm (with the subsequent nine shows airing at 10 pm). Check out the show’s new website, featuring the familiar mugs of some beloved art-world insiders”.

“How is it? Fascinating, full of snappy edits, with scenes of the artists talking, working and stressing out, all in one big shared studio. The nude — arguably a key ingredient when it comes to art and popular appeal — makes an all-too-brief appearance. The competing artists, who are all identified here, are cute, though fairly conventional in their art-making; the show could have benefited from a Duchampian or two. “Work of Art” has some drama, though the participants don’t display much cut-throat art-world competitiveness, at least not in the first episode.”

Read the rest here

on a different tangent: I’m in love with Maximus!