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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I’m almost finished with the big painting, that makes me happy.

Olivas and Peters

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Love this new series of collaborations by Kathy Olivas and Brandt Peters:

I must get some work done today, spent yesterday in a narcoleptic haze ;b

The Wind extinguished her candle

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Three doctor’s appointments down and three to go. Just taking one day at a time trying to get through them.

Been watching Simon Schama’s Power of Art on pbs, Last night it was Van Gogh and then Picasso. I have seen several portrayals of both artists already but it still interests me. In particular in the Van Gogh piece was the part where Vincent eats a tube of  yellow paint, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I recalled (not that this is any where near as heinous) Jeffrey Daumer eating human hearts so that he would always have that person with him, Vincent was so enmeshed with painting he seemed to want to be the paint, one with the paint, quite insane really but I do think I understand it.

Picasso will always be interesting to me even if he was a raging misogynist. It never ceases to amaze me the abuse people will allow themselves to endure in order to be close to or associated with fame.

Home sweet Home

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Appraisers will be at our home today as we refinanced last week one day before rates went up thanks to saavy Hub. BUT that means I have a day of cleaning ahead of me 🙁 I don’t mind cleaning if I don’t have new work on the brain! My four by five foot blank canvas is beckoning like Cpt Ahab aboard the white whale.

Spent the entire day in headachey pain yesterday, hope its not the new bp meds 🙁

Perhaps a more interesting post a bit later today 😀


Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Juat a few more brush strokes will complete my newest painting.  I approached it a little differently then I usually do by recalling a quote I read about an artist whose work I admire. The quote was simply that said artist paints very slowly. So I decided to approach the painting slowly and I am pleased because it means I did not have too much build up of paint too fast since I find I can easily muddy up areas. The other problem with too much paint in an area it that the surface becomes slicker and I prefer seeing the tooth of the canvas. Technically oil painting is slow anyway because the painting must go through drying phases which take days.   Normally I would have several going at once but I am actually at my last canvas since I won’t buy any more canvas until Aaron Bros has its annual sale which is the 23rd ;D I do know how to stretch my own canvas and did so in the past but it adds a lot more time to the whole creating of the painting and  I am a bit lazy. Mine always had a bit of give anyway and the canvas really needs to be very taut like a drum.

I took my first dose of blood pressure medicine today and I hope I feel better than I have for over a year now. The doctor took the reading three times on friday and it remained 170 over 120 so Monday I go for blood tests. Its just one of several health issues lately and I have four more doc appointments in the next two weeks ;( All the time and money is bothersome. But once I know what to do to be well my normal energy and productivity should return and I am truely looking forward to it.

My hub and I talked a bit about going to New York over the fourth of July weekend a place I have always wanted to visit.  As it turns out a friend and colleague of my Hub  has an apartment across from or near central park and just a few blocks away from museums and galleries and he offered it up although he said it is very hot there this time of year.

Tiandra wanted to let go of the negative thoughts but they were stubborn

Thinking Girl

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Juggling too many things and finally completeing one, The Thinking girl I started several weeks ago. 

I did a trade with a friend who has a very generous spirit; 

I love this Crab on slate 



Friday, June 8th, 2007

I am happy to announce that Jen Worden ( ) has won a giclee from the first batch of ten.  I sell the giclees at the Ten Women Gallery for 75.00.  Jen is a friend of mine and an accomplished artist, take a look at her website for a good dose of eye candy!

I have to finish and mail out several projects today all before two o’clock when I leave for a dr. appointment, so I must get away from the oh  so addictive computer…

Unfiltered 2

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Its my day to work at Ten Women, always fun. 

I have a few pieces in a show at Octane Photographic in Detroit, curated by Mike Kelly and Jeff Matlock, it recieved some press:

"Corn Fueled — Not!

We fell head over heels in love with Octane Photographic the first time we visited the studio. Coincidentally, that also marked the first time we fell head over heels down their friggin’ stairway! Mind your step and be mindful also that Octane has a first-rate show up and running now called Unfiltered 2. An exhibition for artists outside the mainstream — jeez, that’s a phone directory around here! — the walls will boast such singular names as Karen Burt, Sunny Chapman, Tricia Anders, Jeff Matlock, Josh Slavin and Brian Steimal. Octane pumps at 22750 Woodward Ave. in fashionable Ferndale. Call 248.399.2355 or go to "

see pictures here:

Thought Bubble

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Nearly everyone has recieved their thought bubble from the first batch of ten, but still no word about who won a giclee.

Some people don’t want to open their bubble so as to keep it intact but as one friend says:  "I can’t wait to just hold it!!! I don’t want to open it but I also realize that opening is PART of the act of the art. Its MEANT to be opened, you are MEANT to participate in this art. So I will with glee!" (Barbe St John) Barbe makes some of the most creative and beautiful yarns ever, see them at her website: she also has a blog:

Her comment makes me smile and she is right of course.

 I hope to finish up another batch of ten and take them to the ten women gallery tomorrow, plan to do a couple more to leave as free art somewhere.

Also packaging up some prints and finishing new giclees, after I contend with some more mundane matters of living.


the Twins came to a Fork in the Road

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

This painting took quite a bit of time, its four feet by three feet which is bigger than what I generally do lately. Its actually needs a bit more work but I havn’t posted anything in so long I felt a work in progress would be just fine right about now. its interesting how when working larger scale, details are less enticing, as one wants to contend with sheer space. I started with a simple sketch and it changed almost completely. With the next painting I think I will do a size appropriate, thourough drawing and see how things work out, if it is more efficient or if my artist’s brain will go off on tangents.

the Twins came to a Fork in the Road

close up