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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I’m doing a swap with Sam Morrison ( he sent me an incredible package of arty goodness.


My favorite

So much fun, stickers, moo cards, atc, postcard, button, canvas and prints


Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Taken about ten years ago I probably wouldn’t  recognize these kids today, still its one of my favorite pics, always gives me a good chuckle.




Monday, October 29th, 2007

My health took a turn Thursday and got progressively worse until on Sat I thought about going to the ER but called my doctor first and after a brief consultation decided to stick it out till Mon when I could go in to see her because ironically, I can’t think of anything worse than going to the er when in pain, I rather suffer in my bed. So I suffered it out through the weekend, it was hellish, unrelenting Pain, I could not get out of bed and I have not even had the energy to be online. I have eaten almost nothing since Friday because no matter what I would eat my stomach would go beserk and my lower back just seared and I thought for sure I had split an internal organ or two! But no, I’m on three different meds for a bacterial infection!  I’m a bit of a girl sissy when it comes to pain.

I’m also way behind on swaps and projects, hope to catch up soon…

My friend Mavis created a Day of the Dead altar over the weekend and included a pic of my brother (middle right bottom), and a toy Harley, cuz he loved em.  the altar just looks grand.

In Mexico, the festival of Día de los Muertos embodies the greatest expression of both popular Catholicism and the national cuisine. People construct altars in homes and graveyards throughout the country in order to feed the souls of the dead. Church officials recognize two holy days, November 1 (All Saints’ Day), in commemoration of saints and martyrs, and November 2 (All Souls’ Day), in memory of the faithful departed. According to popular belief, the angelitos (deceased children) return on the evening of October 31 and the adults on the following night, although the dates in local celebrations vary all the way from October 28 to November 4. The feast for the dead originated as a form of ancestor worship, and the clergy were long reluctant to incorporate such pagan practices into the liturgical calendar. The festival held particularly strong associations with pre-Hispanic agrarian cults because it coincided with the maize harvest.

Celebrations begin with the cleaning of the graves and the construction of the ofrenda, or altar. At home this consists of a table or platform hung from the ceiling, covered with a white cloth and supporting an arch of palm fronds. The ofrenda are decorated with flowers, particularly the cempasúchil (marigold), the "flower of the dead," as well as the magenta-colored cockscomb, a white gypsophila, gladioli, and carnations. The same flowers are also used to decorate tombs, and the sweet smell of copal, the Native American incense, is ubiquitous. Other altar decorations include images of the deceased as well as papeles picados, colored paper with cutout designs.

The foods offered to the dead vary according to age and taste, but bread, water, and salt are always included. The bread is made from a special egg dough in a round shape, with crisscrossed strips of dough forming bones, and a skull in the center. Sugar candies with similar skull and calavera (skeleton) designs are also popular. In some areas of Oaxaca and Michoacán, bakers shape the bread to resemble humans or animals. Offerings for children are miniature in size and relatively simple: breads, candies, fruits, and milk or soft drinks. The adult dead receive the finest foods, grown-up breads and sugar figures, as well as candied pumpkin and other sweets. More elaborate preparations include mole (turkey in a rich chili sauce) and tamales (corn dumplings stuffed with meat and chili and steamed in husks or banana leaves). The spirits also drink their favorite beverages, whether soft drinks, coffee, chocolate, beer, or tequila. Some people maintain that the level of the liquid decreases overnight, showing that the dead do indeed return to share in the feast.


Monday, October 22nd, 2007

  A few weeks back I made a post about a wedding  I had attended at Serra Retreat in Malibu. Among the photos I took was this castle

The castle valued at 17 million dollars burnt down along with its contents full of art and antiques.

It belonged to Lilly Lawrence, the daughter of a former Iranian oil minister. She said she was able to gather a few things before the fire engulfed her home, including some jewelry and memorabilia that included Elvis Presley’s Army fatigues.

She didn’t seem too worried about losing most of her belongings in the fire.

"My parents taught me not to allow my possessions to posses me," Lawrence told KABC-TV. "So, that’s the story. The house is a house."

Southern Calif is a blaze all over theplace, the wind is blowing like mad with gusts as high as 90 mph.

Our neighbors gigantic tree broke and fell into our front yard and into the street of our corner, there is damage all over the place, these first winds of the Santa Ana season are monstrous. Hubby has to take a different route to work because they have closed Topanga Canyon his normal route which comes out on PCH.


Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Earwig is the common name given to the insect order Dermaptera characterized by membranous wings folded underneath short leathery forewings (hence the literal name of the order—"skin wings").  Earwigs are quite common globally. There is no evidence that they transmit disease or otherwise harm humans or other animals, despite their nickname pincher bug.

Earwig may also be used as a verb to mean: "to fill the mind with prejudice by insinuations" or "to attempt to influence by persistent confidential argument or talk".[1]

The name earwig comes from Old English eare "ear" and wicga "insect". It is related to the fanciful notion that earwigs burrow into the brains of humans through the ear and therein lay their eggs.[2] This belief, however, is false. Nevertheless, being exploratory and omnivorous, earwigs probably do crawl into the human ear; even if they are only looking for a humid crevice in which to hide, such behavior provides a memorable basis for the name.[3]

Earwigging – also known as eavesdropping – means to overhear another’s conversation.

Dem Bones

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Yesterday, I recieved a box of bones from art bud Jen worden ( and serendipitously Reevo (of Ektopia) posted some work of this artist

fantastic, boney surreal creations!!

Not that I could do anything remotely as cool but I do need to think about how I am going to use and transform the already perfect bones into my own creations…

And, while yesterday was full of dreams and some recall, last night was full of dreams with no recall. None the less, yesterday’s dream which included three fleshy fat blocks of art bearing unbilical cords has been on my mind as it seems perfectly good material for some artwork, since both dreams and art are all about the metaphors, at least according to me.

The past few years, and especially since my brother’s death, I have had an intense desire for spirituality and something to truely believe in. It turns out that three, may have to do with this (the sacred holy trinity for example) as well as balance (an important issue for me)and harmony between body,mind,spirit. It can also mean a desire for perfection in creation (the basic principles of art; harmony, balance, color, design, etc). The perfectly squared, compacted fat blocks hung on a wall as if in display in an art gallery, as if to say life and and art and meaning and perfection are connected by the sustaining umbilical cords. Because the works of art were blocks of fat, I see a connection to lipo sucking the no longer necessary uterus, much the way fat isn’t necessary, yet, and because the uterus and the umbilical cord obviously relate to birth, its as if I am giving birth to a new me because an extracted uterus (thinking out loud here) can not give birth to a child, by letting go that possibility, I give labor to myself, and as I mentioned a few posts back, life and art intertwine. And interestingly and ironically, on the Oprah show yesterday, Oprah interviewed Dr. Christiane Northrup who says that "women who are peri menopausal are in labor!!" They are about to give birth to a new self and a new life if they have the where-with-all to listen to what their bodies are telling them and to be sure their hormones and health are all in balance. It is fascinating, how my unconscious has served my consciousness.

Fleshy Fat Blocks

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Suspended  on the wall, like works of art in a gallery, were three white, translucent, cream colored and marbled, organic, fleshy looking blocks, about three or four inches thick. From each compacted  block hung an umbilical cord and all three umbilical cords were leading to my hand and were intravenously feeding/sustaining me.

That is how my night went, full of dreams. Early on, I woke myself up half moaning half yelling out in fear because a high stepping mass of a naked figure was discombobulating, screaming and flailing his arms wildly about as he circled my bed.

I need to ponder the metaphors a bit…


A friend sent a link to me indicating the importance of three in dreams:

Dream symbol: number three, 3
three, threes, 3, third

Perfect balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit
Expansion, expression and movement
Seeing perfection in creation
A person who is a truth seeker at all levels, has high ideals, is independent, sporty, candid to the point of being blunt, religious, sometimes irresponsible
One too many, something that creates imbalance or disharmony; two’s company, three’s a crowd



Sunday, October 14th, 2007

While I convalesce I have literally been forced to be still, and since I am a bit obsessed with productivity it is awkward  to be comfortable just existing. I am relaxing, reading, journaling privately and watching tv and I feel deliciously wicked and indulgent about it. It’s a relief to not be demanding something of myself, to not for a few moments in time be requiring proof that I am earning my keep.  Hubby has been a loving caretaker of me and the role reversal has been fun.


Anyway, I figure this is a good time to fill the well, consciously or unconsciously…after all, two weeks of convalescing requires intense concentration on nothing! If you think that is easy try meditating, if you have a monkey mind like me, it requires great effort! 


But, tomorrow I will get out of bed and function, though my body is weak, life carries on, I will just take it slow, I will just do the best I can.


I will get back on the art track with pencil and paper. I will begin by generating some sketches and developing and expanding upon some of the ideas that have been brewing in the back of my brain with automatic writing, one long stream of consciousness and word association. For me, the most efficient way of moving on to the next piece or pieces is by having the last piece inform the next…


Home from Limbo Land

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

I’m grateful for my life today.


A life that is generally uncomplicated but that does not let me get so complacent as to forget that things can take a turn when I least expect it, especially and most certainly if I exist complaining, judging, comparing or feeling entitled.


My exercise in humility, or hospital stay, is now done and because there were other unexpected surprises inside the body I inhabit, it was none too soon.  Since I am accustomed to being the steward of my own body, it was a conscious effort to surrender to the hands of others, to allow myself to feel and be vulnerable and let life teach me the lesson I must be needing a reminder of. That is the way it has always been for me, if I get too conceited or smug about anything, there is always something to happen that puts me back in my place, my “place” being one in the same with all others. Equally as vulnerable, equally as human and equally as dependent.  I am reminded that we are our “brother’s keeper”.  It doesn’t matter how much money one has, when it comes to circumstances of the body you just can’t really predict what cards you will be dealt and my pain is no more or no less than the “poorest” person or the “richest” person and from my point of view, we all have the right to health care.


I am reasonably certain that there are few lessons in humility quite as unparalleled as one where complete strangers poke and prod, examine and talk about your private parts. Where doctors, nurses, attendants, interns, and assistants all see your god given stuff without the benefit of a playboy layout ie, in the natural light of day and the unnatural glare of fluorescence, with no makeup, or even cute panties to be vain about. Waking up to find you have been stuffed like a turkey, padded and swaddled like a cocoon is just

so-oh-well, mildly disconcerting and relieving at the same time. Strangers have and did take care of me.


So, again, today, I am humble and grateful and recognize and relearn that I am one person connected to many others. I had a black nurse, a brown nurse, an asian nurse, a young man nurse, several Caucasian nurses, a female doctor, a Latino anesthesiologist, and I am profoundly aware that I am not separate from any of them, we are all part of humanity and we don’t only exist in one country.


When I felt the intense grip of fear well up as they rolled me from my waiting room through the brightly lit hallways after months of deliberation and anticipation, and I thought of Tom Cruise as David Ames (yep I did) singing out in the movie “Vanilla Sky”; “what if god were one of us, just a slob like one of us…” I thought to myself before the fear tears could come, he/she IS one of us and I made the decision that I would put my attention on those serving me. In doing this, I felt my fear disappear, in joking with my caretakers, focusing on something about them, allowing them to shine and so, allowing myself to be nothing and everything I became an integral part of the human experience, in this case a positive experience and now its over and I am home in my bed with the puffy pillows that comfort my weary head and this morning I am allowing  my hub to take care of me, (eek he is about to make breakfast, and I am going to love it, no matter how it turns out ;D).


There is something else I keep thinking of, a dream I had well over a year ago.  In the dream I was taking care of a little girl.  We were in a public bathroom like setting and I was about to help the little girl get dressed for something when a person entered the room and was trying to get at the little girl and I fought him off like a tiger till he was gone. I proceeded to ready the little girl (maybe seven years old) for something, I put a princess like dress on her, pampered and primped and sat her on a chair in front of a dressing table and brushed her hair gently and spoke to her with kind words and said to the girl as I pointed to the mirror, “see, look how beautiful you are,” and when she looked in the mirror I saw that the little girl was myself.  And I guess that the dream was a reminder to be kind to myself just as I would be to someone else.


Ooh I best quit writing, my pain pill is starting to take effect!!


Thanks to friends who sent well wishes, thanks for caring about me.


Limbo Land

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Hello Readers

II’ll be checking into the hospital this morning. I have to undergo some surgery that I have put off for too long. I’m looking forward to feeling much better and having a lot of energy for the impending holiday season.   I plan to fill up my Etsy shop, list on ebay and keep shelves filled at the gallery so I have plenty of reason to be well.  It will be but a brief stay in limbo land and I should be checking back in on Saturday.  I’ve got the much talked about "Eat Pray Love" to entertain my brain with.

Peace and creativity to all my art making friends and appreciaters 😉