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Happy New Year

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

I’m working on papier mache hearts that I need to have ready soon for a gallery over in Pasadena, and trying to clean my art room and then starting a batch of small figures and getting my torso ready for the Art doll round robin i am hosting. Oh! and working on my paper toy for!!

 I’m wishing all my art buds complete unbridled creativity in 08. And for collectors and appreciators who read here, may your eyeballs never run short of the candy, and may those extra bucks find their way into your pockets so you have the money to grace your walls or your life with the imaginations of the artistically inclined!

For my art buds, remember that artists, like writers and musicians are magicians, creating from nothing, with a germ of an idea we create the magic that feeds the soul, and the spirit. So, whether you do it part time or full time, may your well not run dry this year, may the ideas overflow as you  wake each day with blissful intention and may your adversitys, your road blocks and mind blocks be minimal.

for those of you raising kids, or working jobs, here is hoping you find the time to sing your soul, at least once a week, at least for a couple of hours. That is my wish for you.

While I would love for your etsy shops to explode with sales, its not really about the sales. Heres hoping you explode with enthusiasm for developing your own vision, without fussing or fretting about what people think or if it will sell or not. When you create for the joy of it, for the learning of it, when you lose time while doing it, then you know you are living your best self as its about the journey, the outcome is simply the residue of that journey. Not happy with the first one, it means you are suppose to make another, and another and another, as an artist it is your job to create! quit cleaning the studio and buying more supplies! create! and that is what god wants you to do, and remember you don’t have to show every thing you make, be your own best critic and  don’t let dissappointment paralyze you, let it compel you, be on a mission, the more you make, the closer you get. Let your intuition direct you, no fear this year, thats my philosophy, hope you like it. XO

Thats Clever!

Friday, December 28th, 2007


You can see me today on HGTV’s Thats Clever, where in I demonstrate how to make a bubble blowing "Diva Dollie"!!

Sadness overload

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Must turn off the tv. what a way to end a year (Benazir Bhutto) (tigers killing people, etc)

Can’t wait to see Schnabel’s new one, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Schnable is the famous artist from the eighties (plate paintings) turned director. You may remember his movie "Basquiat". With his current film he has been recieving a lot aclaim for his directing abilities; the Golden Globes and Canne Film Fest

We saw I am legend with Will Smith, man it was scary.

We also recently saw No Country for Old Men, which was very intense. I am now officially a Javier Barden (sp) fan, and I can’t get the scene out of my head where in he is speaking to a gas station attendant in his pyschopathic tone, "  call it,  Friendo  "

Of course, Johnny Depp, I mean, Sweeney Todd is a MUST SEE but I may have to go alone since hubby does not at all care for musicals. 

Finished some artwork, and I hope to have time to post it here when I return home today. Also, a pic forthcoming of the collage piece art bud Jen sent to me and the sweet icicle ornament from artist Carla Naron and a beautiful heart ornament from Diane Moore fondly known as Enchylatta!. Oh and one of my bestest Christmas cards  eva, from the oh so talented, collage artist Karenann Young.

Bought a big bottle of Archipelago Botanicals Soy Lotion Milk, my friend gave me some a few years ago and I love the scent. Try it!

I’m off to work this morning, well wishes all

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Happy holidays to all who read here, hope you are making some lovely memories and good food to eat! I have appreciated all the interest and comments here and people who have purchased my work. Many blessings to you in 2008.

I should be back to my normally scheduled art making endeavors soon!

Oh well

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Feeling bad cuz I havn’t been blogging but I also havn’t been creating either, just too much to do this time of year.

I will finish my Christmas cards today and get out a few more packages, and finish Christmas cookies. One more gift to purchase and then done, over and done, with the Christmas shopping, not a single thing, no matter how much on sale, could get me back into a mall for the next four weeks!

I tell ya, its taking a very concerted effort to not be grouchy when out buying, people bump into me like I’m not there! and Leaving the parking lot of a  very busy grocery store yesterday three people almost hit me!! One person whipped out backwards from their parking space very fast without looking, another person rounded the corner at about forty miles per hour oblivious to me and yakking on the phone as if there were not another soul in the whole parking area, and as I rounded the corner on the block where I live, a person in the cross section didn’t stop to look for oncoming traffic and was going to go straight through for heavens sake, a car accident could ruin anyone’s holiday. Everyone is rushing and on their cell phones while doing it, that lethal combination means its time to slow down, its dangerous out there!!

The Christmas Spirit I saw in the Grocery store yesterday

Except she is missing her cell phone.

Today a RAK PAK goes out in the mail as my way of paying forward the unexpected surprise I recieved from SAMMO, (see last post). I feel  very excited about it!

So, dear readers, TAKE IT EASY!! slow down, be mindful, if not for your sake, for mine,  I mean, others ;D

Peace out———–!

Random Act of Kindness

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

I have been so busy, I havn’t even had time to blog or be online much, but this afternoon I am stopped right in my tracks by a very thoughtfull act of kindness from friend Sam Morrison, aka Sammo who painted a beautiful tribute to our beloved Puggie Prometheus whom we lost a few weeks ago. Such unexpected kindness made the tears roll!!

Here is the painting about 16 x 30 inches…

His Master’s Nectar

Monday, December 10th, 2007

This is the print I recieved from Reevo ( titled His Master’s Nectar, its just brilliant and more beautiful in person. The color and luminescence of  the gold in the hummingbird and phonograph does not translate well to the monitor, it absolutely shines and is a beautiful contrast to the darker areas. its slightly cut off as its a bit bigger than my scanner. I’m quite pleased to be the owner of this piece.

Brian over at "Nice Bunny" purchased a painting of mine over the weekend and that is how I learned about  Nice Bunny, Cool art and even free downloads for paper toys, if your looking for something unusual for Christmas check out

Things are going well today!!!

Little Face

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Tonight at Ten Women we have our annual holiday party in conjunction with the Abbott Kinney Art walk. We put out two buck chuck (and call it cocktails, hah!) and we all bring appetizers.

Here is a little face made from a mold I took of a doll that Nic ( ) sent to me, I love its moon like quality!


These are very crafty and easy to make, just find interesting bottles, try to see what is inherently interesting about the bottle and go with enhancing that aspect. Using colored tissue, or any other thin paper you like, apply to bottle with perfect paper adhesive.  The head is a flat clear glass round ornament, inside a painted piece of canvas, insert into the neck of the bottle, super simple.

In this case I matched the blue of the bottle with the blue of the paper, it gives it a transparent kind of look

I left one part of the bottle untouched giving a window into what is inside; snowflakes!




Atcs and lost keys

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

I woke up happy in spite of the restless night and I work at the gallery today. I made up a box of glass ornaments and greeting cards, tags and atcs.


The annual Holiday party is tomorrow night five to ten.  I’m also trying to finish up three bottle dolls for someone who purchases one every year, last year it was slim pickings as I think I only put one out 🙁  I seem to operate this way, obsess about a particular medium  until I burn out on it then move on to the next, although I never seem to tire of painting probably because there really is no limit to imagery.  I wanted to make some figures like the ones to the right of the screen but time is eaten up in so many ways lately.  Like yesterdays wasted day:

I arrived at the store about 9:00 a.m. hopeing to get all errands and chores done early so I could work on art stuffs, when as I got ready to leave and paid for my purchases I realized that I did not have the car key I came in with.The lone car key that is so puffy I can’t put it onto a key ring and have to carry it loose. I retraced my steps ten times over, meticulously, and determinedly trying to find it in the massive chaos that is the Dollar Tree.

Round one, no key, round two, what did I handle, what did I pick up?, round three, pulling hair, round four, shit, round five, oh god what am I gonna do?, round six, a new damn key is 250.00, round seven, it would be the second time this year, round eight, stomps foot, why is there sooooo much crap here, oh yeah its the dollar store, round nine, I don’t have my stinkin cell phone, round ten, F— BOMB!!, I have to call my husband at work!!

I explained to the store manager what had happened and asked her if I could use the phone to call for help. SHe said "oh no its a business phone" for criminey sake, would it hurt to cut me some slack, a little kindness perhaps??? its the freakin holiday spirit, grumpy, careless, mean scroogism abounds!! you ugly thing!!!

Trying  to find a public pay phone, is nearly impossible anymore. I have a blackberry but never remember to bring it with me and constantly forget to charge it, so I had to borrow someone’s phone, and hubby was not very happy about canceling the afternoon meetings. I was there for FOUR hours, what a night mare. That definately put a crimp in yesterday’s productivity, bleh.

Well, the experience serves to remind me to slow down and be mindful. 

I did finish a sweet little ornie last night, she has a vintage plastic Christmas tree on her head and I just might keep her!! I’ll try to take a pic this afternoon when I return from work.

Best wishes for a great day to all readers of this blog today


Sunday, December 2nd, 2007