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ho ho ho

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


One more day of drying, then glazing and details. I don’t know why but this painting was hard to finish, the hair is layered many times over

In the studio:


Masked Marauders

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

They are out to steal your presents (and your heart!)

These little burglars are easy to make! They are hybrids, I used two different push molds that I made from two different dolls. First I used the body/torso mold and then a separate face mold so that the face will be out of proportion with the body. There are made with paper clay, first dust your push mold with corn starch or flour, I use a fluffy paint brush for this. After your separate pieces have dried attach the head to the torso with more paper clay. when dry, cover with tissue paper and glue of your choice, I use perfect paper adhesive. I gesso’d the faces and painted them with acrylic paint. The fabric wings were purchased at Michaels craft store and adhered to the bodies with e 6000. the wire is left intact so they can be tied to a christmas tree limb and they look very pretty!

You better not pout!

Friday, November 25th, 2011


Snow people

Friday, November 25th, 2011

GoBbLe GoBbLe!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

May your life be a cornucopia of riches, good health and joy! Thank you Thank you for being a reader of tricia blog, I’m humbled and grateful!!

Bravo’s Work of Art Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

No blog prompt today just your basic yakity yak about…

I feel good because I had a sound night’s sleep! I am rested AND, stress free because we will be traveling no where on this Thanksgiving eve! I am not fond of traveling unless its for some foreign or exotic adventure to a place I’ve never been. I’m happy to see family but I rather they do the traveling and I do the cooking 😀 But this year no one is coming over and we are going out to a restaurant since we have no kitchen sink, its in the process of being replaced. I won’t need to cook or clean, YAY! for no pressure holidays. Anyway, I try to be thankful/grateful daily, its a way of life and I’m no Pollyanna, but a mantra of positivity and appreciation can only be good. If you are traveling, my best wishes for a safe and swift trip and a memorable drama free Thanksgiving dinner!

Tonight, a serious bit of fluff entertainment, my guilty pleasure WOA!! It probably won’t be nearly as entertaining without the amusing “Sucklord”, but we’ll see! love to hear your thoughts if you watch it…*edit* not back on till 11/30

Today I’ll be packing and printing as I have recently made a few art sales. Then a bit of cleaning and walking the pugsters. I attached a coupler to their leash so seeing eye dog sassy could take the lead for blind boy, Balthazar. It works great!

Yesterday on our walk, in the midst of all green there is a single orange leafed tree, it looks like its on fire! What a stunning tree it is, and you can’t tell in this photo but the leaves are nearly neon in their coloration and glow, so so pretty! Nature can truly be a work of art 😀

Life’s gifts, like a flaming orange tree, so much to be thankful for!

Ten Things They Don’t Teach You in Art School

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Here is today’s *Blog Prompt*

Your MFA won’t open doors of opportunity because there is very little opportunity for an inexperienced artist, and the little there is will be competed for by 100s of other optimistic hopefuls.

All the teaching jobs are taken. You may find a part time gig here and there, but you will need another job to pay the bills and you won’t have time to make art.

It will be 40 years before the tenured profs will leave their spot

If someone asks you, “what do you do?” and you say, I am an artist, they will look at you with a blank expression and glazed over eyes, if they are trying to be polite that is.

If you were me, You could find yourself with a boyfriend at some point in time who claims you love art more than he (which may be true) and proceeds to tell YOU what “REAL” art is.

You will have to work harder and be more organized than an engineer, but nobody will believe it, and will ask about your back up plan, ie, when will you get a real job.

You will need a back up plan.

your professor was SERIOUS when he told you to marry a rich man.

People, charities and organizations, will constantly solicit you for art donations. They want free stuff, but would never dream of asking a plumber for his/her free skill.

On average, it will be about ten years before a reputable gallery will give you a solo show, if that ever happens.

You may end up digging ditches so you can paint on the weekends.

You won’t survive on pure “talent”. You will have to smooze and network and socialize, because, a lot of it, is who you know. And, this should be done before thirty years old, because galleries are always looking for fresh, new blood.

You won’t be wearing Versace, or Gucci or Poochie or Valentino! Jimmy choos? hahahahah!

Internet. If you are as old as I am, you did your term papers in college on a type writer. You will have to learn how to work a computer, long after you graduate. (The internet has taken the lock hold from galleries and museums and made it possible for artists to put their art careers in their own hands).

Your sister will tell you, “you have already played the tortured artist, now what are you going to do?” ~~Just to torture you a little bit more :b

You may find yourself asking yourself, shall I buy art supplies or health insurance?

You may find yourself making doodads like this to sell for a few extra bucks:

The list is more than ten, but I believe there is more, can you add to the list my artist friend?

*EDIT* From artist and friend Lelainia Lloyd:
-When you show your mil your published work she says “That’s nice.”

-When you show your husband your work, he holds it upside down to look at it.

-People who aren’t willing to do the work try and pump you for access your contacts and connections and then once they’re finished with you, piss off into the wind.

-Endless random people will try and get you to put ad space for their product, religion, etc. on your ART blog.

-There will always be someone you thought was your friend, who becomes uncomfortably jealous of you and in the end stabs you in the back.
That said, I revert to this posted earlier in the year:


I claim independence from negative thoughts and self-criticism and the need to compare myself to others instead of focusing on how to be the best at what I do.

I claim independence from the judgments of others. I will not be diminished by those who seek to make me feel small or limit my ability to truly shine.

I claim independence from the unyielding desire for the approval of others at a cost to my personal well-being and sense of purpose..

I claim independence from the fear and doubt that keeps me from creating my most beautiful and most powerful work.

I claim independence from a life of struggle and difficulty. Instead, I choose optimism, success, and possibility.

The Most Inspiring Art Teacher I have ever Known

Monday, November 21st, 2011

The subject line is a blog prompt. I get so bored of my unimaginative, repetitive posts that I decided to look up some journal prompts and I will try to do one daily or a couple times a week, maybe :D. I hope it makes for a more interesting blog and helps me to think more expansively.

So today’s prompt obviously leads me to my college days at San Jose State University. I had two art professors who I feel sincerely grateful to have known, one is Sam Richardson my 3d art professor. I am not certain but I think I took about ten of his classes, some of them like his innovative thinking class “Color in Space” repeatedly. As a teacher, he had a way of not allowing his students to be passive, but pushed and pushed us (in a gentle way) to think outside of the box. I learned that art is the expression of ideas and is not limited to a certain medium. He insisted that the artist determine in what way the idea would best be expressed and not be locked into one medium. He encouraged performance art, and video and site specific installations, it was all very inspiring and forever changed my preconceived notions about what the heck ART is.

And secondly, Will Nelson, my painting professor whom I recently learned has passed away. I was very sad to read this, he was so vibrant and encouraging and active with a healthy sense of humor often reflected in his own art works.

This is Will in one of his painting classes.

And this is Will and I at an art reception:

I’m rocking an asymmetrical hairdo and a little plastic monster hanging from my ear. I’m still weird like that. 😀

I don’t think there was a single professor in college that I did not like, and college days were some of the best years of my life.

Saboteuring Mean Girls on Bravo’s Work of Art

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Double ughs, Michelle and Lola. Lola rationalizing about cutting in lines as a child because her impatient mother could not wait shows that her inclination for bullying is inherited. Her annoyance with Kymia because she is polite and has manners reveals just how little she cares about her own character, but then, “mean” girls aren’t about caring, they are about, demeaning, or ignoring others to make their selves feel superior. Michelle and Lola sitting around laughing at their own poor behavior, buying in to each others self righteous folly, is revealed in the content of their piece. Once you get behind the surface and imagine yourself the voyeur as they suggest, you are confronted with devious behavior and debauchery. This is taken further by deliberately and repeatedly trying to sabotage others work as they giggled with joy at their “mischievous” actions. They should have been eliminated for that. Granted, yes in real life, street art is tagged, but the act of tagging is different from the act of creating a work of art that is about to be judged for a tv show. They make the Sucklord look classy. While I liked the sort of no holds barred approach at letting their imaginations go, the whimsey, the silly, the contrary-ness of their choice of imagery, the actual art work fell flat. Difficult to see, poorly composed and not big or bold enough to fit the scale of the wall. Visually or conceptually they didn’t pull it off.

Speaking of Sucklord, the most entertaining aspect of the show has now been eliminated, there won’t be quite as many laugh out loud moments.

Young and Dusty’s piece was cool, but did not really have a street art vibe. I liked the way they put there differences aside to really come together in a very compatible way, but I like Kymia’s and Sarah J’s piece best. The big bold imagery fit the space, was interesting, and clearly something was uprooted.

I hope Dusty wins and I can’t wait to see him scrunched into young’s short shorts LOL!!

I loved the little white dress that China Chow wore for them to paint on. I had to kind of suck my teeth at Simone de Prury’s attempt at being cool by adding to the sucklord’s boob spots, oh brother :b hahah

JERK OF ART: The world's worst artist



Reese Witherspoon’s dream House in Ojai

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Be still my heart, how wonderful. HERE