Play along with me, introspect!

Play along with me??
In the movie I am watching this morning because I don’t want to get my self out of bed the lady just said, “You can tell a lot about a person by the art that they make”. I think its true. In many cases, or all cases? I dunno, If I examine my own work, which is varied, I just get confused. But I think its a good exercise, If you are an artist, here is a little exercise for you to do. Look at the work you have currently hanging on your studio wall or work space or in progress on your easel or your work table and pretend that you are someone else. Someone who does not know you and imagine what they might think of the artist who created it. Write those things down and keep them for yourself, to help you determine whether what you are creating is tied in with who you are or what you want to say or express. Post your thoughts if you care to in your own blog (link back here so I can read too) or share them here in my blog.

what I’m working on:
sugar skull munny

Do you find that the statement “You can tell a lot about a person by the art that they make” is true? Does this exercise give you some clarity or ability to see your creations differently? Do you know someone who’s art clearly reflects who they are? Is the work you did ten years ago different? have you matured artistically or just improved your skills? Is there a difference? Is the content or the media the same? I’m interested!, if you have images to post too, that would be cool.

I’m going to do the exercise myself a little later today and maybe I will share my thinking with you if it seems relevant.

come on. play along!! Its funday sunday!!

Sugar Skull munny in progress

To make this more interesting, I will send an original work of art and a package of goodies to the response I find most compelling in one way or another. Later today or tomorrow I’ll post a pic of the package.

I’ll give this about a week ;D

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  3. sheba Says:

    here are my thoughts with pictures

  4. Tena Smith-Washington Says:

    Can you tell a lot about a person….?
    In my opinion no. Art is created for so many different reasons. Looking at another persons art is like listening to music. That sad romantic lost love ballad that breaks your heart every time you hear it. Then you learn the writer was lamenting over the loss of his favorite T shirt, stolen at the laundry mat. I think we inject our vision, truth, reality, intent in an attempt to connect at some level. At the same time disconnecting from our own work, Ask yourself, have you produced a work that exposed so much of your raw inner self that you could show no one? Few people see you as you see your self —but do you really see yourself?
    Beautiful art can come from dark places and ugly people. Dark art can come from hopeful places.
    Has the work matured or skills improved…?
    At 49 I’m not sure I like the word mature any more. I almost equate maturity with old age, thus immaturity with youth. What is wrong with youthful art? At 17 I had loads of ideas and little skill. Let’s not let maturity make us stale.
    Trying to view my work as thru new eyes…..
    No matter how I squint the view is the same.The word that comes to mind is Hopeful. Hopeful little works. Hopeful of acceptance — Hopeful … they wait to connect with another. It need not be ridgidly my vision or intent. Impose your will on them. Because art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.