Happy New Year

I’m working on papier mache hearts that I need to have ready soon for a gallery over in Pasadena, and trying to clean my art room and then starting a batch of small figures and getting my torso ready for the Art doll round robin i am hosting. Oh! and working on my paper toy for nicebunny.com!!

 I’m wishing all my art buds complete unbridled creativity in 08. And for collectors and appreciators who read here, may your eyeballs never run short of the candy, and may those extra bucks find their way into your pockets so you have the money to grace your walls or your life with the imaginations of the artistically inclined!

For my art buds, remember that artists, like writers and musicians are magicians, creating from nothing, with a germ of an idea we create the magic that feeds the soul, and the spirit. So, whether you do it part time or full time, may your well not run dry this year, may the ideas overflow as you  wake each day with blissful intention and may your adversitys, your road blocks and mind blocks be minimal.

for those of you raising kids, or working jobs, here is hoping you find the time to sing your soul, at least once a week, at least for a couple of hours. That is my wish for you.

While I would love for your etsy shops to explode with sales, its not really about the sales. Heres hoping you explode with enthusiasm for developing your own vision, without fussing or fretting about what people think or if it will sell or not. When you create for the joy of it, for the learning of it, when you lose time while doing it, then you know you are living your best self as its about the journey, the outcome is simply the residue of that journey. Not happy with the first one, it means you are suppose to make another, and another and another, as an artist it is your job to create! quit cleaning the studio and buying more supplies! create! and that is what god wants you to do, and remember you don’t have to show every thing you make, be your own best critic and  don’t let dissappointment paralyze you, let it compel you, be on a mission, the more you make, the closer you get. Let your intuition direct you, no fear this year, thats my philosophy, hope you like it. XO

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17 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. kelly snelling Says:

    i love your encouraging and enthusiastic post. there is nothing quite like having all your fuel cells charged from creating. i relish the days when time stands completely still and i can get out of my own way to create intuitively and from my spirit. thank you for your inspiring words and creations! wishing you infinite joy in the new year!

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    How grand to see your comment Kelly, I have only recently discovered your art work, (like yesterday! LOL!) and you are surely an inspiration for many and I am looking forward to seeing what spews forth from those fueled cells in 2008!!

  3. tammy lang Says:

    hi tricia

    the hearts are too cool!!

    have a bright and shiney new year

    i missed you on thats clever-read your post too late-i hope you had a great time doing it 😀



  4. Patricia Anders Says:

    Hello Tammy

    good to hear from you!

    wishing you lotsa blessings and dollmaking in 08!!

  5. Bernie Berlin Says:

    Happy New Year!!!
    I tried to call to wish you one on the phone:)
    I know you don’t check my blog, but you have to see the puggie pics, they are too cute and will make you smile with their silliness!!!
    Auction I am trying to get loaded for February.
    I will be in California in February, maybe we can get together for lunch:)
    Love to you..

  6. Patricia Anders Says:

    heya Bernie
    Sorry to have missed your call. I do go about periodically visiting friends blogs but inevitably forget the various ids and passwords so end up not commenting. I adore the puggies. When we retire we plan to have a bit of property and I will be able to adopt more critters, I’m looking forward to that!!

    I’ll definately be sending you some art for auction, I’l try to get it in the mail by next week!

    Happy happy new year, hoping there is less critters for you to rescue in 08 and that the hub gets to feeling better, hoping you have a little more time for you! xo

  7. Bonnihall Says:

    Patricia…I just love what you wrote here…so many great thoughts and wisdom…I especially appreciated when u said "quit cleaning the studio and buying more supplies! create!"  LOL that one hit so close to home for me, it was like you have a web cam secretly hooked up somewhere and are watching my life! *giggles* 🙂  Must be a universal avoidance mechanism…I also thought it so thoughtful your wishes for the mothers and employees who cannot be full time "artists"  but who carry the longings and creativity around with them none-the-less.  Your blessings to others are many and will be multiplied and sent back to You, sweet lady! 

  8. Sue Pieper Says:

    Oh, I’ve got fingers & toes crossed that all goes well for you & your pugster.  I’ve been trying to catch up here, and just got done reading your post about the Ten Women Studio, it really is a dilemna for everyone.  And this post with your new years wishes, is nothing short of amazing!  Do you mind if I quote you and this message on my blog?  Folks tend to lose sight of what’s really important, and you really nailed it-well done!

    ps-I had my jammies on when we returned on Christmas Day in record time:)

  9. Patricia Anders Says:

    Hey there Bonni

    for some reason your post got posted many times, not sure why, something is broken I guess!  Phooey.  Anyway thanks for commenting and I am wishing you much creativity and inspiration in 2008 and thanking you for being such a lovely friend here at my blog…

  10. Patricia Anders Says:


    Sorry for the late response, something is broken here on my blog and I am not get notification of comments.

    You read quite far back if you saw the ten women post! Its not as bad as we had expected and will manage just fine in 2008 luckily!

    Please feel free to quote, no problemo whatsoever, Happy New year to you and many creative days ahead!

  11. patricia J mosca Says:

    From one Patricia to another…
    The heart felt sentiments are warming….May 2008 bring us all closer to our creative dreams….

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Canyon is my sons name, I just love it.  Do tell more about the doll swap you are hosting.



  13. Laura Nelson Says:

    I just love the unusual look of these hearts.  Amazing textures, shapes and colours.  They look so tactile.  All the best for you in the new year and thank you for these positive sentiments.

  14. surrealmuse Says:

    Such lovely sentiments…thanks for sharing with us.  I never would have imagined that the hearts were made out of paper mache they have look of resin or some type of sculpting clay.  Definitely beautiful explorations in embracing your inner artist.

  15. Patricia Anders Says:

    thanks all for the reciprocal support. as artists there is so much adversarial opinions about what we do and about how we incorporate the making of art into our lives that having like minded friends is essential to one’s well being.

    Please be sure to let me know if you have blogs or showcase websites so I can visit you too.

  16. Laurel Says:

    Love your 2008 "blessings" for everyone!  May they be true for you and everyone who reads them. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Patricia Anders Says:

    thanks for visiting and commenting Laurel, comments are a special gift to me…