Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bri is an artist who I have been reading for quite a while and probably always will. Here is her take on the challenge…
I can’t really look at my work in progress to answer the first question as I don’t have any paintings in progress at the moment. But I can do it by looking at my past work- and I have asked myself these questions before to help me with my artist statements to hone in on my vision, and just to keep that dialogue open with myself.

But if I were to imagine myself looking at my work with a stranger’s eyes, I would imagine the artist to be someone who is calm, introspective, reserved. Someone who sees the beauty in the simples lines of nature. I would probably imagine her to live somewhere peaceful and nature-filled, not in an urban setting! I would also think that while the artist is attuned to her spiritual/emotional side, that she works very deliberately. Not very spontaneous. Definitely sees things in a concrete manner. Controlled.

That was hard because I know myself and my work very well! tried not to cheat and remain objective though. 🙂

I think that the statement : “You can tell a lot about a person by the art they they make” does have some truth to it. Art can reveal a lot about the artist behind the work…but not necessarily be definitive. The art can reveal an aspect of who the artis is, or even what they long for. Creating art is such an intimate act- it just HAS to reveal something about the Maker. I don’t see how it cannnot. A lot of people tell me that they feel a sense of calm and peacefulness in my work…which is funny because I often feel very agitated/anxious inside! But I know that I am able to tap into that peace when I paint, so it is there. Or at least I hope so.

I can think of 2 artists that I know personally whose works reflects themselves- Angela Wales Rockett and Sue Robertson. I won’t go into the details, but if you know them you see how their work both really reflects their personalities.

I wasn’t painting 10 years ago, so yeah my work has definitely changed since then! 🙂 I began creating in 2002 when we moved to Seattle and my work has definitely changed and matured since then. I think it’s a combination of maturing artistically, improving my skills, and gaining more life experiences to draw from. Some of the content is the same-trees,birds (i have work from high school with those symbols)….but I have expanded from that a bit. Plus I’ve been working on developing my personal symbols and marks. I started working in encaustics in 2005 and I feel like that that medium is my “calling”, so to speak. I love working in it and I feel that it best epresses what I aim to achieve. Developing my skills and honing my visual language in that medium has been key in my artistic development.

It is important to do this exercise because right now I feel like I’m in transition again-artistically and in my personal life. I am wanting to delve deeper into personal meaning, while at the same time loosening up on the canvas. I find myself increasingly attracted to abstracts, but not sure if I am ready to go there. I am too concrete, I think. At least right now I am. Not sure what lies ahead of me though with all the life changes ahead… but I haved learned that when there is desire, there is a way.


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