A fresh new week

Its Monday, everyone’s favorite day :D… Its cool enough in the morning now that it feels like Fall is approaching. I so welcome the brisk change in temps and the rain. Love the rain. every little nourishing drop.

I plan to read through all the challenge entries this afternoon, and make a decision this evening as to which I found the most compelling, and they all had compelling aspects to them. I want to emphasize that, as you know, I am NO authority on such matters, I am just going to choose based on what resonates most with me and I will give it plenty of thought and I will do my best to explain. As far as I am concerned every single person who made the effort is a winner. I understand from almost all the participants it was a hard challenge and took quite a bit of effort. But, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy, right?

I also made an effort to comment on everyone’s post and I may post the comments and responses if they seem relevant or add something to the discussion.

People brought up so many different aspects that ten new challenges could be culled from them…Much food for thought. I may define and post some of those aspects so you can challenge your own thinking for the fun of it. Okay maybe its not fun for some of you, its fun for me! 😀


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