RIP our beloved pug, you brought us great joy and so much love.

after a terrify night and morning we decided our puggie needed peace. His symptoms became progressively worse since Saturday with more frequent and longer lasting seizures, with apparent intermittent blindness, staring out into space, continuous labored breathing, and no recovery in between bouts. He was so disoriented, collapsing and circleing and he couldn’t stand up to urinate and I really could not bear to see him suffer any longer. We did everything we could think of to comfort him and help him.

He was the sweetest pug of our three. The youngest and the most playful, he would nudge and nudge our other two puglets to play, full of hyper energy he would pace and jump in and out of the step into our pool. He was very obedient and friendly to other dogs. He loved my hub much more than me! it seemed he bonded completely with him when he rescued him and drove him home from the Bay area. If my hub went to hug me or kiss me he would go crazy with jealousy, he was just a delightful boy and brought us great joy during his short life.

Pug Dog Encephalitis is a mysterious disease and difficult to diagnose and one good reason to choose a different breed for a pet if you are a moosh heart like me. watching him go through what he did and having to make the tough decision to euthanize was one of the most difficult experiences of my life, it was very painful.

So, I’m burning a candle in memory of our faithful friend who is now at peace, I loved him and I will miss our dear Prometheus

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4 Responses to “Prometheus”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’m sorry Tricia. My thoughts are with you and your cute pug. He was such a cutie, he had the best life he could have once you and nubby rescued him. :hugs:

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    Thank you Michelle, I am surprised by how much it hurts to lose the critter.

  3. bonnihall Says:

    My dearest Patricia…you have been dealing with so many challenging circumstances for this season…my heart just goes out to you a thousand times with wishes for comfort and much sympathy.  Words are difficult to find for the pain of losing a beloved pet.  Perhaps ONLY other pet owners are the ones who truly understand how significant they are to our happiness and well being.  It is gracious that we have the ability to end their suffering, though, and it is a peaceful giving thing to do.  He sure was a handsome pug!  What a smile!!!!  I know he was very happy with your family and will remain in spirit, nearby.  We are immensely blessed to have such unconditional love poured out to us from our pets…and I personally believe dogs (especially) are just straight from heaven to be our guardian angels 🙂 

    You can be very proud of yourself for going through some "valleys" they will make you profoundly strong and deeper and so be proud of being so very very strong…I like to think of me applauding and cheering you like mad while you are running by in your marathon called life…you’re doing GREAT! hang in there! you can do it!!!  🙂 

    Your friend, Bonnie  🙂 

  4. Patricia Anders Says:

    Thanks for your heartfelt comment Bonnie, I’ve missed you around here lately! 

    Sometimes life just dosn’t seem fair! I guess whats most important is how we rise to those challenges, I will admit I have had quite a few moments of intense vulnerability, I do hope all this means that there is something good for me to come.

    I think you are right about pet owner’s knowing what it is like to lose a pet. The absence of our fur child has been very noticeable, though I try to distract myself, I see his little face, and I wish we could have done something to save his life. 

    Now, I try to think of him as a happy little angel, and thankful for the brief time we had him.