It was a rather spectacular day yesterday as I made my way through the canyon to The Ten Women Gallery. Doesn’t seem fair when so many parts of the country are knee deep in snow. I put the top down on my convertible car so I could feel the crispy fresh air,and so I could awaken my dulled senses as I am grappling with yet another loss this year of a family member. Her death takes me by surprise occurring so shortly on the heels of the death of her husband, my uncle, less than two months ago. This rather numbing event has put a damper on my energy and enthusiasm at this very busy, very stressful time of year, but I am plodding along trying to deal with obligations and still make sense of life.
I still hope to finish up some new work to list on etsy and take to the gallery before Christmas, like all retail, its an important time of year for us artists.

Best wishes to readers of this blog for stress free days ahead, peace of mind and a bit of joy in between.

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