Figment Hat

My hub and I have been getting out doing stuff lately, and I have been working odd shifts at the gallery, so there hasn’t been much computer time. We saw art at the MOCA Los Angeles and at the Geffen, neither show was a real zinger for me with an Allan Kaprow exhibit and Lawrence Weiner, the conceptual stuff always leaves me wanting for more aesthetics, more eye candy…Interesting none the less.

Across from the MOCA is the architectural wonder, The Disney Concert Hall

Inside of the MOCA hung a large drool worthy Basquiat, made my eyeballs dance!

I finished this small painting, I know its not everybody’s cup o tea…


2 Responses to “Figment Hat”

  1. Myerscho Says:

    really wonderful!

  2. lisa Says:

    i love it! it looks like a jellyfish on her head 🙂