Odd Dream

My vivid, lucid, odd dream:

Briefly, in the dream, I was in a hotel room, woke up in the middle of the night to find other people in the bed across from me and still more coming into the room. I was quite annoyed by that and got up to figure out what was going on as more people came into the room. and then I felt myself pee my pants and heard a popping in my ear, I blacked out and in and proclaimed I had had a stroke. Later in the long dream, some guy tried to acost me and I ran to get away and for the second time in two weeks I did the swim flying. Where in, I push up from the ground doing the breast stroke as if under water coming up for air. I am high up in the tree tops trying to get away from the man in pursuit of me and I start searching for the mystic goddess among the tree tops. I found her and others who have been in search of her. I whine, “I love you mystic goddess please help me!” ( I know it sounds funny), I love you I love you!! The mystic goddess is behind a platform type thingie creating a distance from the people praying to her. Yet she is gently moving left to right and waving her graceful arms at the people, she is very sweet with a kind smile but interestingly, she is made of stone. Stone that is rainbow colored.! She kind of reminds me of characters in the movie Mirror mask, where you hear that Carpenter’s song “Close to you”, Anyway, I reach out to her and she waves her hands over mine, and milky clear vermcelli, jelly fish like tentacles sprout out and across my hands and arms and that is all I remember, I was touched!

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