WANGA ( Work of Art the Next Great Artist)

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2 Responses to “WANGA ( Work of Art the Next Great Artist)”

  1. sheba Says:

    I thought for sure the photography guy would win this one. I think one of his previous versions was stronger, but he changed it in the end to one that didn’t win. I wonder if Judith knew that about Jane Austen and if she did, she should have spoken up about it. But I agree with the judges on this work, that you really can’t obscure the name of the book so much like that. Clearly Jaclyn didn’t get it, and misspelling names! seriously. I think it was a great challenge, but yes it stressed some more commercial aspects of being an artist that MANY MANY artists don’t have. Not surprized that Miles didn’t win this one, but thought it was cool that he read the book first. Research is important in work like that. Obviously, it would have helped Jaclyn.

    So since you did audition for this show… what do you think. Does part of you wish you were there doing it? Or are you glad to not be dealing with the reality show drama?

  2. tricia Says:

    Hey Sheba

    I still think it would be a blast, I love a good challenge although I am not competitive and that mindset can affect one’s authenticity and generate insecure thinking so I would have to put the “winning” aspect of it out of my mind and just try to be present with whatever assignment or project. If it makes it to a second season I will probably try again!

    I adored art school and it reminds me a lot of that. The drama, just makes me laugh. And I guess it makes for more interesting tv

    Any situation where someone is saying here is money or here is art supplies, go create, is a situation I could see myself in!

    I like some reality shows (survivor, wife swap, chopped) some times 😀 and I like that one does not have to be a movie star or actor or physically perfect to be a part of one. Its a guilty pleasure, cheesey entertainment 😀