Baby Dove is alive

I left the baby dove in the basket over night hoping that the momma would see it and nurse it. When I checked the dove in the morning it was limp and listless looking. Dh and I determined that the momma could not see it, because the two parent doves kept popping up on the fence and the surrounding area as if looking for it. So dh took it out and placed it in a more open area right by the fence where they could see it they still could not. Doves are not very bright birds and they are the worse nest builders. Anyway,, dh retrieved the baby again and tried to feed it a bug, which he should not have done, but while he was holding it the momma flew down and was walking right around him, so he slowly , super slowly let the baby down by her and then he sat like a statue and watched momma dove try to feed the baby which she does through her beak with regurgitated dove milk. She would nearly take the whole baby’s head into her mouth and shake it trying to get the milk in. Its not so listless now and she is sitting on top of it, while the male dove seems to be on guard. I am so happy she found the baby!!

Baby dove update

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    the hub set up a webcam so he can keep an eye on it from his office. Its so vulnerable right now.