Work of Art the Next Great Artist

Last nights episode of Work of Art, the next Great Artist, in my opinion was the weakest yet. 🙁

I don’t have much time to write because its a work day but I will say that I simply can not understand why Jamie Lynn did not get cut and why Nao did. Nao can be obnoxious but her piece was the only piece that illicit ed any reaction at all, it was disturbing and confusing which is more than anyone else did, nothing at all was shocking, and that was the premise, make a shocking work of art. Sex is not shocking and Jacklyn’s soft core porn pic with yellow stars is similar to a gazzillion of images on the internet, its only redeeming value was her using Eric’s idea to put a jar of sharpies available for people to write graffiti on the images, that was conceptual but not shocking. Boring.

Need to think about it some more, but got to get to the gallery, its a work day

Edit: I have to say, its great fun watching the show and love the various discussions over the web. Jerry Saltz one of the judges does a recap each week and in the comments Jaclynn defends herself: “Critique my piece as you like, but do not suggest I lack self-awareness without first reading my thoughts on the piece. If you still hate it, fine. If anyone watching the show is really interested in myself or any of the other artists – rather than just trashing us – go to our websites, read our blogs, then make your assessments.”

I still think her piece wasn’t strong enough to be in the top two, and the eliminations were not well chosen. Jamie Lynn should have been cut, her piece was not at all interesting or shocking, and neither was the girl in the rabbit suit.

There was some very funny moments throughout and I enjoyed listening to Serrano.

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3 Responses to “Work of Art the Next Great Artist”

  1. Alessandro Aued Says:

    I did not think so annoying, you know.
    I just thought they could have given more time for the artist to think about things more interesting.
    Shock by shock has no relevance, it must have a concept and something that supports well the idea that you want but only becomes “art-masturbation,” you know what I meant!
    The work of Jamie lynn was it, I thought she merely wanted to shock, she just wanted to show that she could handle the job.
    For me the weakest was the Last Supper, a boring cartoonby the way!!!

    ps: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GIRL IN RABBIT SUIT?????? She cant move the upper lip!!! Pay attention when she is speaking. UHHHHH that is shocking ahahahahahaha

    Bye tricia.

  2. Alessandro Aued Says:

    In my first phrase im saying that i liked the episode! hahaha

  3. tricia Says:

    LOL Alessandro!

    I agree there really isn’t enough time to think and make a good idea…I not sure what the rabbit suit was about, other than a kooky artist thing :b