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Thrilled to be featured in Clara’s blog this morning, such an honor, check it out and Clara’s stuff if you have a chance, she sells some cool monogramed and personalized items in her shop.

Some random images from when I went to Bergamot a few weeks ago:
Dennis Hopper exhibit at Robert Berman Gallery. Bummer that Hopper is deceased now, I liked his acting and photography and his passion for art.

bergamot 1

While at Bergamot someone was there asking about purchasing this old car which is so perfectly restored it looks brand spankin new and that red, wow! Behind the car a restaurant from the fifties johnny rocket style, also perfectly restored inside, very very cool.

bergamot car

I would like to own this lunch box tower.

bergamot lunch boxes

Jerry (my hub) with his lunch. A tuna sandwich. Its a boring thing to blog about, not sure why I like that!. Jerry and his sandwich~~ and I notice, which is not unusual, the newspaper turned to a car ad since he is a lover of the fast cars and there you see a Boxter. Very Jerry.


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