I didn’t quite make the challenges I was going to attempt this week from Inspire me Thursday, Illustration Friday or Jen Worden’s mono print challenge, but there is always next week and given that I am almost always overextended and time management is a skill I am consistently re learning its a wonder I finish anything at all.

I did some surfing this morning and visited a few websites I had not seen in well over a year mostly because I just forget.

Going here;

  • Joe Sorren feels like being in a pitch black room and seeing bright light seep through the cracks of a closed door such are the beacons of art by the fabulously talented artist. My heart not only goes pitter patter it goes thumpity thump. He has developed the use of light to the point where the figures seem to glow and effervesce in all their anatomical peculiarities. Pure inspiration.


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    2 Responses to “Inspiration”

    1. Karla Rosendall Says:

      Your work is so beautiful.  I "favorited" your etsy site.    These hearts are amazing.  Please count me in.


    2. Patricia Anders Says:

      I sure will Karla, thanks so much