Mac Pro

Bernie Berlin ( ) did a you tube video, the pooches playfully jumping around her are just too adorable!! If you havn’t donated and are able please do so by using the badge to the right of this entry, this will help garner the money for a building to shelter the rescued animals.

I’ve been absent for a couple of days because my Dell laptop after only two years died on me. So I am now on a macbook pro. Its taking some getting use to, especially the keypad because its like typing on a flat piece of paper.
I’ve been using a pc for the past eight years, as my geek husband insisted way back that macs would be obsolete. Well, now he wants the macbook air. heh I decided to not get the air because the screen is too small for me, I prefer a bigger screen and more of a work horse since I do almost everything on my lap top that I do on my desktop computer, except for the wacom activities and printing. And really, I must have two computers because I could not function without my wacom tablet.

So the challenge from inspire me thursday this week is create from outside of one’s comfort zone. I was going to sew something and thought I would buy one of those little toy sewing machines. I have never cared for sewing. Anyway, I went to the fabric store and the least expensive sewing machine was 125.00 so I changed my mind. If I thought I might use the sewing machine often it would have been okay but since I suspect that it will be a one time project I can’t really justify the expense. So, if I want to I could sew by hand. I need to give it more thought.

I bought Jane Wynn’s ( )book at Barnes and Noble yesterday with my membership discount coupon for 25% off. The book is quite meaty.

2 Responses to “Mac Pro”

  1. Jen Says:

    How about monoprints? Are they worthy of the inspire me thursday’s prompt? I’d love to see what you’d come up with. xoxo

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    I am going to attempt a monoprint! I have a perfect white tile to give a try on ;D