Bravo’s Work of Art, the Next Great Artist, Episode 8

During the critique, when Peregine glanced askew and sneered that “Mark could have given her more” I saw that not only did she not want to take responsibility for her weak piece but she wanted to let Mark take the blame, at that moment I lost interest in her winning. Conniving, manipulation and deceit ala “Survivor” and Miles Mendenhall, puts a bad name to good art, were there any. While the judges apparently don’t see the goings on behind the scenes the public does and its hard to separate the art work from the artist behavior and attitude and one hopes that decency prevails. Because of its game show like format, its a matter of luck and one good piece, even Abdi stands a chance. And since Abdi and Nicole are the only two who havn’t tried to be underhanded my hope is that they will strike it lucky with an outrageously good idea and maybe even a strong work of art.

Mark seems unpretentious and allowed himself to be vulnerable at Peregine’s bidding. China Chow’s tears at the end probably had to do with recognizing Mark’s sincere effort and then being shot down, not sure, but for her to shake that icy demeanor had to mean she was touched…And honestly, while the heaven and hell topic was trite to begin with, Marks piece worked better to me than Peregrine’s grommetted, glittered gunky cigarette butts of a mess.

Jaclyn’s piece was suppose to be about masturbating while standing up but her posture read something else to me. The limp hand shrouding her pubic area and her pose with head thrown back appears to be an act of complete surrender and maybe shame (as a fig leaf would do, covering nudity) rather than control. This is after all what happens with an orgasm, a complete surrender of bodily function. I would be interested in what scholarly feminists in the know would say about that. It seems that the meekness of it in contrast to a powerful stance and confrontational stare, in the nude or not, might have been more effective if trying to convey feminine “control”. And oddly enough, Mile’s piece, which was suppose to convey masculine/out of control, showed literal, violent penetration, think what you will, but he did penetrate that wall with his fist.

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3 Responses to “Bravo’s Work of Art, the Next Great Artist, Episode 8”

  1. Eve Says:

    Yeah, I felt the same way about Peregrine. Why did she say that? I was very surprised because I really liked her…then to throw him under the bus. But THIS really bugs me-when Miles comments on other peoples work during the critique. Why does he do this? Do others talk too & they just edit it out? All I know is I don’t understand why he does it….does that bother you? OH & and yes, I think Mark’s piece should not have sent him home…and that point, I was hoping Peregrine would leave. >~<

  2. tricia Says:

    Heya Eve! *waves* 😀

    I think Peregrine got fearful, and of course wants to win as desperately as the others, I mean it is a lot of money. Something that bugs me in life is when people use others as scapegoats or when people take credit for something that should go to someone else. But in this case I really think Peregrine, after winning last episode, just wanted to save face so she inadvertently assigned blame…

    The judges apparently ask the other artists if they have anything to add and I think Miles is the only one bold enough to speak his mind, which is fine but he always appears emotionally charged rather than constructive. His comment to both Trong and Mark was delivered in a mean spirited way even. And his attitude about Judith earlier on and Mark shows his arrogance.

    I so am hoping that Abdi, the nicest guy on the show (although he is not so art saavy) or Nicole, come up with a really good idea and execution, I mean, the successes don’t have to be cumulative so anyone can win even if they never won a challenge prior.

    Cut throat mentality is fine for entertainment’s sake but in the end I hope a sincere person wins, because personally I think they are all just about equally capable and “talented”

  3. Eve Says:

    Hey Tricia *waves back* 😉

    Yes I think you’re right about Peregrine-she probably was fearful. I have liked her art in past episodes and thought that she’d go home (from what the judges said too a bit). YEAH, I went back & re-watched the episode & noticed that the judges did ask the other artists for their opinions. And yes, Miles is never constructive…I would like to see what would happen if some other contestant threw him under the bus like that!

    From the first episode, I really liked Abdi’s art & he was SO SO nice. WIN WIN though yeah, did not understand the cave thing last episode. 😛 Nicole is really cool too as a person and artist. I hope someone sincere wins…jeez, I hope so! I’m SO glad you’re writing about the show. I like to chat about it too…but I don’t have the nerve to write much on my FaceBook or Blog about it. 😉

    Take care & I’m sure I’ll be commenting on next episode! ^_^