The Art of The Sole

I have been helping my colleague, Mavis Leahy with a window exhibit she is planning for the Sept window at the Ten Women Gallery. I invited a handful of people to participate including my friend Maripat Doyle Oberg. I like what she did with her shoe. She writes:

What are YOU most afraid of? When we allow fear to take over our life we careen out of control, suffering immensely and causing others pain we become “FEAR DRIVEN”, out of control, taken in the direction of more pain and destruction. (Note the “car” has no steering wheel) It can be very difficult to control our direction when we allow fear to take over.

This is my submission that I’m sending to 10 Women Gallery in Venice CA for Art Of The Sole: Shoes guest artists display. The shoe was altered with wire mesh, celluclay, paint. The wheels are furniture glides. The doll is made from fabric that was printed with phobias, objects of fear, concepts and behaviors that result from our fear or cause fear in others.

Fear Driven: Doll in shoe, side view

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4 Responses to “The Art of The Sole”

  1. Luna Says:

    Thank you! I’m so honored! I loved the experience of making the shoe! I’m in love with celluclay! I hope to spend part of my vacation time playing with some more in a couple of weeks. 🙂
    Thanks for all the inspiration, encouragement and well, most of all for your friendship.

    You rock my world lady!

  2. junkerjane Says:

    What a great exhibit.

  3. judah Says:

    As always, wonderful work from Luna!
    Wish I could have joined in on this one, I had several ideas for shoes!

  4. Eve Says:

    Very VERY cool!