Chandeliers, the glittery and the sparkly

Not art related but it is eye candy! We have waited ten years to get new lighting fixtures. I have always despised the ones we had.
Tricky trying to photograph. Its hard for me to take my eyes off it when I am sitting in the living room cuz with the lights on the crystal drops glitter and sparkle, its such a treasure!! The body of the chandeliers are cast bronze from Spain and the color works well with our walnut colored floors. We chose crystals that are a smokey topaz in color, its unique.


I have this charming guy to show you today 😀


I thought it might be kind of boring given its just a flatish face but with the color and texture I think its not boring! and I need any excuse at all to use angelina fiber!!! shiney!! sparkly!!

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2 Responses to “Chandeliers, the glittery and the sparkly”

  1. Luna Says:

    I love the little guy! 🙂
    Shiny sparkly chandelier…you KNOW how I love shiny things! Will I ever grow up? Goddess I hope not!


  2. tricia Says:

    Dear Luna

    No need to stifle that inner child!! One needs to retain that curiosity and wonderment when creating! xoxo