So, for the fun of it, I’m having a giveaway.

I made this monster for my young niece for Halloween (eight years old). Its a Monster that Swallowed a Hair ball, if you look close you can see the hairball.

Because I am not so good at story telling, I am asking that you leave a comment, or a comment and a poem about the monster or a comment and a small story ( a paragraph or two) to be entered in the giveaway. The first winner will be the story or poem that I choose to go with the monster. So, the comments with poems or stories will be be randomly chosen in a separate draw from those who only leave a comment and the winner will have first choice of prize.

If you would like to email your poem or short short story for privacy that is okay with me but please indicate here in a comment that you are emailing it. My email address is patricia at art propensity dot com

Leaving just comments (I do realize we all can’t write!) will have a chance at the remaining two giveaways.

You may have more than one chance at winning. Your name will be entered twice if you comment here and then blog about it on your own blog. And or, have multiple chances by tweeting it or posting it to facebook or twitter. You will need to leave a link in the comments to where you have posted it in order to get credit. I will use a “randomnizer” to pick the winners.

and the prizes are, a print of any of my original oils, 8.5 x 11 valued at 25.00 and this

Day of the dead Siamese Twinssee it bigger here:

Day of the Dead Twins

Or a print and this four inch munny Devil munny

or a print and this four inch munny: munny

Or a print and the four in brown munny “Chump Change”Chump Change

I sell the munnys for 45.00. So, the prize package would be valued at 75.00.

Deadline: Thursday of next week

Thanks for playing along, I’m hoping to see some clever little bits of poem and prose…

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13 Responses to “GIVEAWAY”

  1. tricia Says:

    thank you Eve, appreciate your candid suggestions, I will give people the option…

  2. Eve Noir Says:

    Thanks for reading my suggestions. OK, that’s Great! 🙂

  3. Eve Noir Says:

    Ok, I just sent you my poem via email. 🙂

  4. Nicole Says:

    OK, I want to win!!!
    let me see, maybe a short poem.

    a belly ache from a hairball dinner
    seems to be twisting up his inner
    maybe monster should of passed
    this hairball meal has filled him with gas
    burping belching and just plain gross
    the disgusting smell was smelled far or close
    all around fell to the ground
    overwhelmed with the stench they found

  5. tricia Says:

    hahaha Nicole, excellent grossness, thanks for playing along!

  6. Eve Says:

    Great poem Nicole!

    I posted about the giveaway on my Blog Patricia. I hope you get some more participants. 🙂


  7. tricia Says:

    thank you so much eve!!

  8. MeltedRachel Says:

    I wrote a story – I think it’s too long to go in here though.

    I’ve put it in my reading and writing blog here:

    And on LJ which I’m sure you will see here:

  9. Eve Says:

    Hi again Patricia. I just posted about your giveaway on my FaceBook page!


  10. Eve Says:

    Thursday just can’t get her soon enough! LOL!

  11. Luna Says:

    Wow how fun!! Is it too late to still enter?

    I haven’t had consistent wifi access over the past several days so haven’t been able to keep up with reading my *favorite* blogs! (My sister whom I was visiting in WI doesn’t have internet so I had to “borrow” wifi from one of her neighbors, not sure which one, but so kind of them not to have a secured wireless router, I appreciate their unintentional generosity Ha!)

    I would love to chat sometime about how you do the sewing when you’re sculpting your amazing creatures/persons/characters! They are wonderful.

    I’ll catch up with your other entries maybe tomorrow after we pick up the dogs from the kennel. We spent 12 hours in the car today coming home from WI and my brain is turning to mush so I”m heading to bed.

    You are so inspiring! xoxo

  12. tricia Says:

    Hi Luna, your comment automatically enters you, for a second chance you can write a piece (should be easy peasy for you) and you have until the end of the day tomorrow XXXX

  13. Eve Says:

    who are the winners? (been dying to find out, lol)