One table in my studio is clean!! hurray!!  On top you see my beautiful mac and wacom tablet, absolute artist essentials, digital photo frame I am taking to put up in the gallery where I sell my work, eckhart tolle cds that I have been listening to and birthday flowers from one of my bestest girl friends!! Behind you can see a favorite old painting and a wet bar in case I need some inspiration!

I have finally finished galoshes, its one of my  favorite paintings. Its oil on canvas.
My recurrent theme, the human condition and surreal phenomena are clearly repeated here. The central figure with her beautiful calm, face seems to be in a state of grace. Under her huge umbrella like hat, her hands turned up in a meditative posture accepts the rain that she carries with her. Her straight, jet black hair will be redefined as it melds and becomes one with the shower that fluffs as it hits the ground by her puddle hopping rubber boots. The rain is gentle and her skimpy attire show it isn’t cold, its like a summer rain that refreshes and renews.  A meditative piece, the implication is that the figure is one with nature and life giving water and balance and abundance. A place where I would like to be, really.


4 Responses to “galoshes”

  1. tricia-rennea Says:

    So lovely, and very thought-filled.  I am glad I stumbled upon your site.

  2. Noel Says:

    "Goloshes" is an amazing painting….you can almost see into her soul through her eyes and if you stare long enough at her she seems to be speaking to you…..not many artists can accomplish that with their paintings. I can see why she is your favorite!!!



  3. Patricia Anders Says:

    thanks for visiting Tricia and Noel!

  4. Stacy Alexander Says:

    One of the really priceless characteristics  about your paintings is how you seem to be able to capture expressions that are wholly unexpected.  Rather than paint the "cutsie" smiley faces that one would expect to see on paintings of these types, you jerk us back into our own realities with making them look like real people who have real concerns…..lost keys or a tight bra….disgusted with that guy sitting over there or unsure of where to go. ….

    I really love your work, Tricia.  You just keep expanding your artistic horizons so that no one ever knows what you’re going to do next.  xo