A long time ago

I’ve been painting for a long time

note the hairdo:

Asymetrical ;D

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9 Responses to “A long time ago”

  1. Carla Says:

    NIce photo! Is this a hair style from the 80’s? Looks vaguely familiar!

  2. Jeanne Rhea Says:

    Hey, I like the photo!

  3. Michelle Says:

    You look great.  It has to be the 80’s.  I loved the 80’s, they were so fun with the creative hairdos.  🙂

  4. tammy Says:

    heheeeeee tricia

    hmm i seem to remember that hair style oh back in the 80’s-but mine was a bit more severe-very short on one side and a lot longer on the other-thankfully there are no pic’s of that fashion statement!!-VBG-well none that i know of anyway

    have a great day

    tammy 😉

  5. Patricia Anders Says:

    late 80s might have been 1990

  6. Patricia Anders Says:

    thanks for the comments all, I wish I were that thin these days!!

  7. Noel Says:

    Love the photo Patricia….so 80’s…..you look like Pat Benatar….and don’t we all wish we were that thin again….hehehe!

    Thanks for a glimps into your past!



  8. bonnihall Says:

    such a cutie!!! 🙂  and I make that exact same face when I’m putting on mascara…!  🙂  I’ve still been stopping by regularly!  Always love coming here!   Much PeAcE always!!!  🙂

  9. Carla Says:

    A little late with this but happy belated B-Day! Just cruising through your journal and read you had a birthday.