My hub and I decided to do some home improvements and a bit of remodeling. After pulling the carpet from the family room we decided to convert it into my studio space which gives me about 400 sq feet with a little sink in there and a wet bar should I require some instant inspiration ;D I am quite pleased about this as I have been basically working in a little bedroom and on various horizontal surfaces including the floor.  I am taking my time slowly deciding upon how to arrange stuff.

I havn’t been posting much do to all the busy-ness and server problems, but I am working. There is no tv in there and I am trying to get accustomed to so much quiet, which I see as a good thing really.

Here is my new mermaid painting, require just a bit more definition on the red coral like growth thingies:D

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One Response to “Mermaid”

  1. Luna Says:

    I love the movement in this painting!

    you’ve got me thinking mermaids….must do something with a mermaid soon!