Galornies (ornies galore)

I spent a few days last week preparing ornies for the Cactus gallery over in Eagle Rock (Ca) ( ) I didn’t have time to individually document them 🙁 but this gives a reasonably good view. Ornies can also be found at Eclectix Gallery in El Cerrito (Ca) ( )

In addition I took this piece over to the Cactus Gallery,”Wallflowers with Measles” the idea from a little tune I learned as a child…”Wall flowers, wallflowers, growing up so high, she has the measles she’ll never never die. Call to Dr. Cleanses house, he has no relation, he’ll tick and tack and turn his back and kiss the congregation!”

I also dropped off this piece: “Lady Bug” based on a verse I learned as a child, you may have heard it; “Lady bug Lady bug fly away, your house is on fire and your children are burning.”

These were created from papier mache and mixed media.

3 Responses to “Galornies (ornies galore)”

  1. Darren Daz Cox Says:

    what excellent things!!! I feel inspired!!!

  2. tricia Says:

    Thank you Darren!!

  3. mavis Says:

    i went to the artist reception at the cactus gallery on sat nite-
    your ornies looked fabulous!