Girl With Bunny

girl with bunny

This painting was a commission for a girl with bunny. The young woman in real life refers to her boyfriend as “bunny” and his nick name is “boo boo”. So I put a tattoo on the ear with his name. Then, a bandaide on her arm to signify a boo boo. The carrot earrings are self explanatory and in the back ground impressionistic carrot patch. I had fun with this and it was a challenge

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3 Responses to “Girl With Bunny”

  1. Nina Says:

    Before I saw that this was a commission piece I thought the facial features were so different from what you typically do. I did a commission once that was horrible. I tried to make it what they wanted instead of how I would have created it and it wasn’t me at all – you have been able to keep your style and technique through out this. Just saw the carrot earrings! haha Great work as usual Tricia!

  2. tricia Says:

    Nina, thank you so much for your perceptive comment, I never work from photographs or images, only from imagination, so it was an intense challenge to refer to real images, especially when I am not a portrait artist, I did my best! Is not photo realism and I hope the client won’t be expecting that. In this painting, she requested a bunny because that is what she calls her boyfriend, and his nick name is boo boo. so cute. that is why I put a bandaide on her arm, where she has a boo boo! cute hahah thank you NIna! hugs

  3. Denise Says:

    This is really fun. I love the background, especially the trees. The soft palette is beautiful and I just marel at the way you handle “eyes” – the highlights bring them to life.