Black and white valentine

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3 Responses to “Black and white valentine”

  1. Denise Says:

    Of course I ADORE this – it makes me think of things you made long ago. I’ll bet you didn’t know I have been stalking your art since,hmmm, 1996 or so?? I remember those yummy art dolls too, and ornies (which you still make now and again… but I digress) I love this heart! :o)

  2. tricia Says:

    LOL! I need more stalkers like you Denise 😀 But in 1996 I barely knew how to turn on a computer! I came online about 2004. 😀 So, you probably remember when I was making “Diva Dollies”! 😀

    thanks for following me, and for taking time to comment, much appreciated

  3. Eve Noir Says:

    Wow, I really <3 that!