I wish I could

I feel like I havn’t said much of anything lately with deadlines, projects and ideas imploding in my head I can hardly still the mind long enough to formulate a coherent paragraph. This is when I need to have powers of meditation.

I made an off the cuff comment a couple of days ago about wishing I could paint like Mark Ryden in another forum (yeah this isn’t the only place where I yak!). This was on the heels of seeing this video that a friend posted :

The little tune was immensely annoying and at first I didn’t care much for the piece, however, when it took a twisted turn I liked it more. I’m that way, I like the element of surprise, even shock sometimes, not for shocks sake per se, but for making me think, making me question my prejudices, or preconceived notions about art, why does it rubs me the wrong way, and, this leads me to discover what I value, (and don’t value) or can appreciate about the effort but I digress.

So, I was taken by the reaction a few people made to my comment; “I wish I could paint like Mark Ryden” which completely took me by surprise. Ryden was on my mind because I had just viewed his website (again) ( www.markryden.com ) as that is where the video led me, being curious after all who was behind it which as it turned out was a collaboration between Ryden and Peck who have similar painting style.

Truthfully, it could have been any one of a myriad (a word that there is no reason to avoid 🙂 of painters whom I admire. My all time favorite being Francis Bacon (I know some of you already know that:D) whose visceral images provoke careful attention at the least and pure emotive surging at the most. Heh, and who can’t respect an artist whose studio looks like this:

From those environs genius presented itself! and oH yeah, I WISH I could paint like Bacon

And then there is Joe Sorren, Camille Rose Garcia, Jean Michelle Basquiat, Salvador Dali, just to name a few, I am sure you have your favorites too

So, yeah. I admire their technical ability as it makes possible the stuff outside of photorealism, the manifestation of pure imagination, you can see more than what is on the canvas you can see what is going on in the minds eye. Ideally, You can actually glimpse, feel the artists soul. This occurs in music, in film, in poetry, in writing even in architecture, in so many forms of expression, who wouldn’t want to aspire to that, I can’t think of anything more compelling, more inspiring than effective expression. Some might say that Mother theresa, Gandi were living art forms, while people may aspire to such greatness few get there. Heh, but of course, Gandi and Ryden are in altogether two different leagues (so I got off on a tangent)! But in the realm of art and aesthetics, I see nothing wrong with desiring the ability to ‘touch’ the viewer. So I guess that is really what I admire in those painters, the ability to touch someone, its that ability that having technical expertise can give to the artists work, if that makes sense.

2 Responses to “I wish I could”

  1. bonnihall Says:

    Just think, my sweet, sweet friend, there are people out there who dearly long to paint like YOU! *winking and grinning*

  2. tricia Says:

    HI BONNI!!