Mark Ryden books

I went to La Luz de Jesus To pick up my signed copies of The Snow Yak and Fucigi Circus by Mark Ryden, he was there on Valentines day signing the books.

the books are beautiful, I’m a happy camper.

The current exhibit is awesome. Its paper mache, larger than life figures. the light was streaming in from outside casting an eerie glow.

some of the figures look amphibian like.
the shrouded figures look ghostly of course. and some look angelic.

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7 Responses to “Mark Ryden books”

  1. Alessandro Aued Says:

    Awesome Tricia, signed books of Mark Ryden!
    The Snow Yak Show is my favorite Ryden’s book.
    Miss you on flickr.

    Have a nice week.


    Alessandro Aued.

  2. tricia Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Alessandro, I hope to spend some time over on flickr this week, need my big dose of the eye candy. Its nice to be missed!

  3. Eve Says:

    Nice! I’m a huge Mark Ryden fan…so I think it’s awesome that you got your books signed. ^_^

  4. Alessandro Aued Says:

    Tricia n Ryden! Such a fine combination!

    Thanks for all coments in my flickr photos.

    Here i am again tricia. Now i want to ask you something: What varnish product did u recomend? I’m not satisfied with the one i am working.


  5. tricia Says:

    LOL Alessandro 😀

    I use liquin as a medium which has some varnish in it, I use damar retouch varnish midway and after six months a final application of damar varnish.

  6. Alessandro Aued Says:

    Thankssssssss Tricia! 🙂

    Today i’m getting older, 23 years old in the day 23! AHAHAHAHHA

    kisses n hugs(pug hugs as u say).

  7. tricia Says:

    Alessandro, have a beautiful day today, I know your creative energy touches and inspires all those who love you and are around you, many blessings to you Happy happy birthday!!