Still here

Hi I’m still here.

The  work  above is in progress, I started her well over a year ago. I want the focus to be on her hand but I am still deliberating about what I want it to be doing or holding, maybe a beaded curtain.

We won’t be having company over for dinner after all, and so, my hub and I will have "caldo de res" for days (Mexican beef soup, such comforting food, reminds me of my abuelita).  I also made some ooh so hot salsa from scratch. Good smells in my kitchen today 😉




I’ve added a step by step procedure for making an ornie, in pictures over in my doll making wiki…

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2 Responses to “Still here”

  1. bonnihall Says:

    It was very fulfilling to finally see the beloved ornies in their "pre-patrica" state of being, especially after I have spent many hours staring at them on the main gallery pages—lol 🙂  I tried to post a comment there at the dollmaking wiki page where you posted the pictures but I am finding the site to be a little harder for me to figure out—it just could be me, tho…but I can usually navigate a site fairly well…is any one else having a difficult time using all the features? It took a lot of searching to find the pictures, and then when I created my profile I couldn’t get text to function well, so I only uploaded a pic.  I look forward to being a contributor, though, once I get familiar with the functionality…. Once again—thanks so much for sharing with us!

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    Hey there Bonni!

    Sorry to hear you had some difficulty over at the doll wiki, I have found it super simple but others have had a little problem too. I hope you will upload some of your gorgeous altered Barbies!