The house hunt for the art full life

After several days of looking at properties we have concluded that we need to look for a second property that has a small fixer upper on an acre or larger. Reason being, the housing market. Selling our house would mean taking a loss, and if we wait a few years when the housing market normalizes we can sell it for what its worth. In the meanwhile we will be vested in a property in the bay area that we could build on.

So, since I put my plan out here let me just add some closure by saying the new plan is as indicated above and creating a vision board and journal to work through and define and refine the vision while getting our current property up to par for rental and selling. Since no one knows what the future holds, for now its still just a plan and we are sticking to it, because as the old saying goes, “failing to plan means planning to fail”.

Let me just say I have never been to an art retreat and I kind of don’t want to because I am more interested in a unique vision on an intimate level ie nothing like art and soul or art fest, for those of you in the know or who have been there.

The last property we saw was ideal but had multiple offers. This is what it looks like:

I love a ranch style home.

The property is on 15 acres with breath taking views to include redwoods and the ocean.

The red barn is huge and has a kitchen inside with studio and loft

Adorable Pump house:

the interior of the house is very artistic, with a chefs kitchen in aqua blue tiles over the sink area, the floors are mottled adobe color the walls are painted with a blue band running through and various walls are painted with a peachy salmon color, very “santa fe”. It has a huge great room, all beautifully done. The thing is, with so much flat area a person could expand to include little cabins or the like. A very inspiring property, with fruit trees and ready for a garden and and chickens.

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2 Responses to “The house hunt for the art full life”

  1. sweetie Says:

    This first photo looks just like the house in the movie “Centipede”.

  2. tricia Says:

    Sweetie, LOL! I think that is a horror movie right!