The Most Inspiring Art Teacher I have ever Known

The subject line is a blog prompt. I get so bored of my unimaginative, repetitive posts that I decided to look up some journal prompts and I will try to do one daily or a couple times a week, maybe :D. I hope it makes for a more interesting blog and helps me to think more expansively.

So today’s prompt obviously leads me to my college days at San Jose State University. I had two art professors who I feel sincerely grateful to have known, one is Sam Richardson my 3d art professor. I am not certain but I think I took about ten of his classes, some of them like his innovative thinking class “Color in Space” repeatedly. As a teacher, he had a way of not allowing his students to be passive, but pushed and pushed us (in a gentle way) to think outside of the box. I learned that art is the expression of ideas and is not limited to a certain medium. He insisted that the artist determine in what way the idea would best be expressed and not be locked into one medium. He encouraged performance art, and video and site specific installations, it was all very inspiring and forever changed my preconceived notions about what the heck ART is.

And secondly, Will Nelson, my painting professor whom I recently learned has passed away. I was very sad to read this, he was so vibrant and encouraging and active with a healthy sense of humor often reflected in his own art works.

This is Will in one of his painting classes.

And this is Will and I at an art reception:

I’m rocking an asymmetrical hairdo and a little plastic monster hanging from my ear. I’m still weird like that. 😀

I don’t think there was a single professor in college that I did not like, and college days were some of the best years of my life.

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6 Responses to “The Most Inspiring Art Teacher I have ever Known”

  1. eve Says:

    I enjoyed reading this post Tricia. Hope to see more of ’em! 🙂

  2. Cody Goodin Says:

    You certainly got me to thinking about my college days so long ago. Mine too were some of the best years of my life. I had two especially great mentors and teachers.

  3. tricia Says:

    awesome, a blog post in the works?

  4. tricia Says:

    oh I’m glad to hear that, thanks EVE! xo

  5. sukey Says:

    love the photo of you and your prof….happy

  6. tricia Says:

    thank you Sukey, always nice to hear from you