Einstein Thinking Outside the Box

I received a wonderful work of art in the mail yesterday and MUST share it with you!

First I see this:

Cool, its a little Einstein head collage box. And I pull it out, and its just the sweetest box ever, with a message around the sides of the top:

How clever is that!
Turn it over and a message on the bottom

and on the square legs, E = MC2 !brilliant

Take the top off, the inside beautifully collaged.

As if the box weren’t enough, what! is that adorable little pouch!

Open it and see:

Little blocks 😀 Turn them over and put the puzzle together!

How fun was that!! Who created this clever, awesome object? the wonderful Karenann Young of course!

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3 Responses to “Einstein Thinking Outside the Box”

  1. Anders Märklin Juli 2010.MP4 Says:

    […] Patricia Anders » Blog Archive » Einstein Thinking Outside the Box […]

  2. eve Says:

    So very clever and pretty

  3. sukey Says:

    wow,and wow and wow again! lovingly made and given to you. thanks for sharing