Still around

Not much going on here, still so busy with the move. I took a pic of our kitchen table last night, it reminds me a bit of a Vermeer in its simplicity.

This is my contribution for the Alice Project (link forth coming) if I can figure out how to shrink the size to fit the given parameters…

In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts asks Alice if she has ever seen a Mock Turtle, `I never saw one, or heard of one,’ said Alice.
`Come on, then,’ said the Queen, `and he shall tell you his

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2 Responses to “Still around”

  1. Diane Cramer Says:

    I’ve been BLESSED to have one of your original paintings in my house. YOU are an AMAZING artist!! I LOVE how you portray feelings in your paintings!! You are TRUE to what you feel!! People just need to look through your eyes.

  2. tricia Says:


    Your comment is such a gift thank you so much, nothing feels better than knowing my efforts live in a home where appreciated! Happy New Year to ya!