Quadruple bi-pass valentine

wip quadruple bi-pass

Both valentines day and my father’s up-coming open heart surgery have been on my mind, and this is what has developed. To either side of her are patches of black pomegranates, for real, I discovered them while going through pinterest images. Anyhow, since red pomegranates are associated with an open heart (not literally) I thought the black pomegranates would be symbolic and poignant for the damaged heart of this little valentine. I started it yesterday and its moved along quickly…

3 Responses to “Quadruple bi-pass valentine”

  1. Denise Says:

    I like this piece and I like the explanation of how she got here. I love the dark background, it really pops the red.
    Pinterest is just another word for addiction… I’ve gotten lost there many times. ;o)

  2. eve Says:

    I agree with Denise, I really like how the red looks because of the dark background. Very cool Tricia!

  3. sukey Says:

    hope the surgery goes great. and love the moon. like the one we’ve had this past week!