Gendered Object:Barbie as Art at Ann Street Gallery

Tonight is the opening reception for Barbie as art at Ann Street Gallery in NYC; “The Ann Street Gallery is delighted to present its newest exhibition Gendered Object: Barbie as Art, with an Artist Reception on Saturday, May 19 from 6 – 9 pm. This event is free and the public is cordially invited to attend.

It seems the entire world knows who Barbie is, and in Gendered Object: Barbie as Art, a group of contemporary artists embrace this plastic beauty, whose iconic pop culture image exerts a powerful influence on artistic and visual culture alike. Mass-produced objects like dolls can tell us much about the creation and significance of self-image in the context of group identities. Since the 1960′s and the advent of the “consumer society” playing with gender identity through styling and fashion has moved from the margins to occupy a more mainstream position. This has since been expressed in popular culture through an interest in androgyny, breaking conventional gender dress codes, gender bending and body reconstruction. Read more here

I have contributed about eight dolls, this is one of them in the exhibit:

Ann Street Gallery

Ann Street Gallery, 104 Ann Street, Newburgh, NY 12550

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4 Responses to “Gendered Object:Barbie as Art at Ann Street Gallery”

  1. judah Says:

    Oh, if there’s an online “gallery” of the pieces in the show, please do share!

  2. judah Says:

    Ummmm, never mind! I just saw the link!

  3. susan Says:

    Hi Tricia,
    I too sent 5 barbies for this show. I never heard if the got them and no photos of mine. weird. but i am not a pro on these things. i was so happy to see you were a part of this show!
    do you ever travel north to Solvang? Michael deMeng is teaching at Art Clinic in Sept. and our group has also opened a shop Art Hus on first street.
    your new home with be something. best to you. sukey

  4. Tricia Anders Says:

    Hi Sukey

    I wonder what happen with the Barbie show…I hope you included a sase for the return of your pieces.

    These days I rarely travel anywhere because of my dog. Blind, deaf and diabetic he is very high maintenance and becomes extremely distressed when I am gone. 🙁 He is old now and neurotic like me 😀

    I took so many art classes in college I don’ really attend workshops and the like, I do offer them now and then!

    Tell me more about your group and the Art Hus that just opened 😀