Rosebud the Emu

Residing a short distance down the street from us, “Rosebud” haha isn’t she a lovely Emu! The owners had her since she was an Egg! Rosebud has a blue iridescent stripe on either side of her head and is very tall and likes to stand at that corner of the property to watch people all day long 😀 She scares me a leetle cuz she is snappy! I have also heard that there is a Peacock near by, I can not wait to get a glimpse of him!

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2 Responses to “Rosebud the Emu”

  1. judah Says:

    Yeah, emus are cool, but a tad nippy, shall we say!
    Y’alls new hood seems rather colorful!

  2. Tricia Anders Says:

    haha, yes it is a colorful neighborhood!