Puppet Show, Damned V, Sassafras in a closet and J swimming at Night

Oil on canvas

In the theatre of the absurd, the puppet master is a single female figure who thoughts are split between ideology and reality at she manipulates her alter ego puppets below and colludes in her own subjugation. The idea comes from the notion of some to over turn Roe v Wade and take away a woman’s right to decide for herself what to do with her own body.

I did all the under painting in acrylic so this painting took less than a week to do. this painting will be featured in the Damn Show:

My little girl pug Sassafras loves to sit on garbage bag, it doesn’t matter much what is inside them but clothing or blankets or towels are particularly appealing to her royal needs 😀 Yes she is descended from Royalty sired from Prince Pugliese, its true!

So she spied this garbage bag in the craft corner of a closet and crawled right on in to make herself comfy 😀

This is a photo of the hub swimming at night, I think it looks cool.

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4 Responses to “Puppet Show, Damned V, Sassafras in a closet and J swimming at Night”

  1. sammo371 Says:

    Expressive painting!

    Too cute!… Sassy and her love of stuffed garbage bags.

    Love the night swimming photo!

  2. tricia Says:


    thanks for visiting my blog, your comments are a gift!

  3. Luna Says:

    Great photos! Love the princess pug on her throne! ha! And the look on the woman behind the bag, what should the caption be? 🙂 Priceless! The night time photo is cool! Puppet Show is so cool! I have a thing for conjoined twins and puppets, to find them in the same painting is fabulous! xoxo

  4. tricia Says:

    ty Luna XO