My brain has been foggy lately and my life mundane, so I thought I would spare my good readers even the shortest of entries! I did finish up a couple of ornies and this is one of them;

4 Responses to “Jockey”

  1. Bonnie Pilon Says:

    oh yeah!!!! ornies! ornies! ornies!!!  how much I ADORE the ornies!!!!!  AND you are going to give a  tutorial–I am delighted!!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Kim–the winner of the contest!  I am jealous but so happy for one of Patricias fans to have such a fun surprise!  🙂

    I still—EVERY single time I visit this blog—cannot believe the immense talent and diversity of the work that seems to literally "pour" out of you!!!   How do you do it????   I marvel at you almost daily!  I would like to send you the very special blessing of continued inspiration that must be all around you and the positive state of being in which it continues to flow through you!!!!    If you are ever discouraged, recall these words and remember that special place where your creativity is revived and flourishes again!   YOU are an unbelievable source of inspiration to me on a continual basis!!!!  Thanks so very much for sharing so much of your work and person here!!!!  🙂 

    Art Unraveled is going on here in Phoenix this week.  Wish you were going to be there giving a class!!!  Any thoughts on maybe attending next year??  Michael De Meng is one of the featured artist/instructors—are you familiar with his work? 

    *pEaCe* & MANY blessings—bonnihall  🙂  

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    gosh Bonnie, you made me pop a tear with your heartfelt enthusiasm!

    I will definately remember your words when I am feeling down just knowing that there is interest other than my own is so motivating!

    Yes, I’m going to try my hand at a little video because so many people ask me how to make the ornies and then I can say, just click on this link…:)

    thanks again for your kind words and much peace and blessings to you as well..

  3. Patricia Anders Says:

    oops meant to also say that yes I have once submitted a proposal to AU in the past but was rejected, so of course I pouted and forgot about it! But I may try again. 

    Yes I am familiar with Michaels work and enjoy it very much, hope you are haveing a great time and learning everything you need to know, its a great place to fill your well!  what fun!!

  4. bonnihall Says:

    I just have a hard time believing you were rejected by AU (?!)–(rejection–that word is repulsive to me!!!  LOL)

    DO try again…I can’t think of anything that would be more exciting for me personally than to have the opportunity to learn with you–Lets think of it as the timing wasn’t right the first time around…and this time it will be right for all the Universe to bring the right elements together!!!  🙂  I’m so happy to hear of how the Ocean gives to you…my best friend who lives in Orange County affectionately calls it "ma" ocean—my soul is thirsty for some beach time–I hope to visit soooon!!!!  *bonnhall*