About Today

Its been a tough one, I was up all night with some health issues and have been beyond tired all day. But there was a highlight just outside my front door ,a box of goodies from my art bud Cynjon. One of the things inside the box was this stunning doll:

She has peacock feathers at the top of her head, her luminescent face is framed with lavendar quartz and hand spun yarn, she has crochet and knitted and beaded areas, such a beauty

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5 Responses to “About Today”

  1. Amy Crawley Says:

    I’m sorry to hear your not feeling well, Patricia.  The doll that Cynjon sent you is simply stunning.  I’m sure Cynjon sent her with lots of good vibes and well wishes to help you with your recovery.  I hope you feel better soon too.

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    Aw!! heartfelt thanks for your kind words, today is a better day!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Patrica,Rosie Rojas here.We wrote a bit ago.Had some surgery and things,still willing to speak art trade? P.S. That doll by Cynjon is to die for!! Your a lucky gal!!Let me know and hope all is better now!! Rosie in Texas

  4. bonnihall Says:

    She is UBER coool!!!!!  Love the colors and the hair!!! 

    You will no doubt be blessed with a double dose of great healing energy and love  with such wonderful friends in your life!!!  Drink some juices and lots of rest–even if you don’t want to, try to rest to re-charge those batteries!!!  😉  *PeAcE*  boni

  5. Patricia Anders Says:

    Hi there Bonni

    thank you so much for your well wishes and kind words, I consider comments a lovely gift here and do appreciate it.

    Hope you had a wonderful experience at art unraveled, with your enthusiasm I bet you did!