Got Munny?

I have one munny left to finish for a swap with other munny makers 😀 I saw that their smooth, perfectly shaped round heads so resemble the round glass ornaments typically displayed, that I wanted to make them equally as opulent, all glittery and glitzy and sparkly and shiney so that when the lights of the Christmas tree hit them they stand up to the glass orbs they are in the company of.

I will be adding something to the empty hands but still deciding what.

I love their little munny bootys.

I wanted them to have pouty, spoiled brat faces, expecting lots of expensive gifts for Christmas.

The smooth, vinyl surface was quite a challenge for me as I am acustomed to painting on canvas which has tooth and or mixed media pieces with a lot of texture. Still it was fun.

Spoiled rotten sour puss munnys, I love them!

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3 Responses to “Got Munny?”

  1. francie Says:

    hi tricia! i ran into your munnies on flickr. can i request one? i love the ones with the large dark eyelids, like the pewter and baby blue ones but i’m not particular about the color. if so, please let me know how much and i will you paypal you the amount this week.

  2. tricia Says:

    francine, not sure how to contact you…

  3. francie Says:

    was wondering why i hadn’t heard anything. had to come hunt this post back down. i had input my email and such in the form and just assumed it passed that info on to you. here it is again: my email is primseydolls (at)