Juat a few more brush strokes will complete my newest painting.  I approached it a little differently then I usually do by recalling a quote I read about an artist whose work I admire. The quote was simply that said artist paints very slowly. So I decided to approach the painting slowly and I am pleased because it means I did not have too much build up of paint too fast since I find I can easily muddy up areas. The other problem with too much paint in an area it that the surface becomes slicker and I prefer seeing the tooth of the canvas. Technically oil painting is slow anyway because the painting must go through drying phases which take days.   Normally I would have several going at once but I am actually at my last canvas since I won’t buy any more canvas until Aaron Bros has its annual sale which is the 23rd ;D I do know how to stretch my own canvas and did so in the past but it adds a lot more time to the whole creating of the painting and  I am a bit lazy. Mine always had a bit of give anyway and the canvas really needs to be very taut like a drum.

I took my first dose of blood pressure medicine today and I hope I feel better than I have for over a year now. The doctor took the reading three times on friday and it remained 170 over 120 so Monday I go for blood tests. Its just one of several health issues lately and I have four more doc appointments in the next two weeks ;( All the time and money is bothersome. But once I know what to do to be well my normal energy and productivity should return and I am truely looking forward to it.

My hub and I talked a bit about going to New York over the fourth of July weekend a place I have always wanted to visit.  As it turns out a friend and colleague of my Hub  has an apartment across from or near central park and just a few blocks away from museums and galleries and he offered it up although he said it is very hot there this time of year.

Tiandra wanted to let go of the negative thoughts but they were stubborn

4 Responses to “Painting”

  1. Tara Says:

    Wonderful painting, I love the concept.

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    thanks so much for taking a moment to comment here Tara!

  3. livingindarkness Says:

    Such wonderful colors you used.  Beautiful painting.  🙂


  4. Patricia Anders Says:

    Thanks so much Michelle for stopping by and commenting, I was pleased with the way the colors integrated especially since I rarely use purples…