Thought Bubble

Nearly everyone has recieved their thought bubble from the first batch of ten, but still no word about who won a giclee.

Some people don’t want to open their bubble so as to keep it intact but as one friend says:  "I can’t wait to just hold it!!! I don’t want to open it but I also realize that opening is PART of the act of the art. Its MEANT to be opened, you are MEANT to participate in this art. So I will with glee!" (Barbe St John) Barbe makes some of the most creative and beautiful yarns ever, see them at her website: she also has a blog:

Her comment makes me smile and she is right of course.

 I hope to finish up another batch of ten and take them to the ten women gallery tomorrow, plan to do a couple more to leave as free art somewhere.

Also packaging up some prints and finishing new giclees, after I contend with some more mundane matters of living.


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