To blog or not to blog

Deep thinking has alluded me lately in favor of the compulsive obsessive monkey mind thoughts and so, not much to read here, seems better to say nothing than something about nothing. If that makes sense.

Usually my hub will remind me now and then that I need to write something, but he is not married to me these days, its his job getting all the attention. The pugs and I are purdee pouty about it. yeah, I know, its his job that makes it possible for me to spend my many hours on a daily basis making the art, so I shouldn’t complain.

So, enough of that.

I have about five Barbies wanting to meet their transformations and a Barbie Bug (vw) and a vespa 😀 Grateful to my arty friends who are out and about scouting the pulgas (flea markets), swap meets, garage sales and thrift stores cuz I just don’t know where to go and do not like the crowds.

Since I started the Barbies, all I can think about is the paintings that I want to do. Still, I spent yesterday just cleaning the studio. There is only so much clutter an artist can have before they are paralyzed. Paralysis of the mind and activity, since there are no horizontal surfaces to work on. Its weird because I am blind to it while in the throes of creativity. I just don’t see it happening until its completely out of control and then I can’t do one more thing until I have cleaned. Hopefully today I will get it back to functional.

I have not been blog hopping in quite a while, so don’t know what many of my artsy blogging friends are doing out there, and while I have a facebook account, twitter account, myspace account I never use them. I spend most of my “free” online time at flickr, cuz that is where the eye candy can be found in one spot. Very satisfying for my eye candy addiction. It is a relief knowing that every single day I can go there and get my fix!

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