Got Barbie

Art Bud Mavis Leahy has been on the scout out for Barbies, and brought a whole gaggle full for me. The next Barbie is gonna be a Jellicle Cat, “Whats a jellicle cat” you say?

and if you are interested this is Elaine Paige as the Glamour Cat singing Memory, I can not decide if I like the great Betty Buckly’s Grisabella more or not, maybe they are just different. Elaine Paige is the singer that Susan Boyle (UK’s Got Talent) aspires too, and now you know how I came to this idea.

want to know how to repaint Barbie’s face? its simple!

Use q tips to remove the face with nail polish remover. If you want to keep the hair don’t get the remover on it. After the paint is removed, wash the area with rubbing alcohol, and apply a mixture of baking soda and water. leave this on the area for several minutes, then wash off. This is a good safeguard when using these products, as baking soda is a neutralizer. Apply a layer of gesso and sand it down to an even finish with very fine sand- paper. This makes a smooth surface for painting. Lightly sand the entire eye and eyebrow area with wet/dry Auto 1000 Weight Sandpaper. The doll is ready to be repainted.

and the third installment of the stringy ones, Stringy with tear drop.

Stringy Barbie on the barbie as they say down under!

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