Got Barbie

Dh and I spent about four hours doing yard work yesterday, I love yard work, almost as much as arting, but now my back is whacked. Incapacitated, I am. WhAcKeD I say, can barely move. Over did it. dumb dumb dumb.

Hub made me an apple martini, and it fixed it right up. 😀 until this morning 🙁

I have three Barbies in progress. the head is almost done on this one. How is yours coming along?


Love this encaustic Barbie made by Bridgette Guerzon Mills


Found a couple of cool ones on the web too:



The bird skull rocks

I’m planning to do an altered Barbie demo at the upcoming Venice Art Walk on Sunday the 17th of may. If you are in the area please join us at the Ten Women Gallery, in the parking lot, make and take…

Sam Morrison has some very cool lunch bags for sale in his etsy shop. I bought these for my niece. She is not much of a princess girly girl but the design is cool on this one and the personalizing of them with her name.

I’m inspired by this color in my patio 😀



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