Artist friend, Maria Lamb did my portrait this morn, based only on my description and she did a grrrreat job of it!! Just filled me up with all kinds of cheer 😀


Dh and I did more yard work yesterday. cleared out a lot of over growth in the front yard and then we hopped into old faithful ( my 95 ford ranger) and chugged our way over to wonderland aka Sperlings (our local nursery)and as always, every time I go there my thoughts turn to, if I had to go get a job tomorrow I’d beg them to let me work there, how I ADORe that place! They have every growing thing imaginable and the patio area is how I wish my patio looked, and though I try, my thumb just never gets that green!! The plants all thrive with vivid healthyness the gardeners tending to their care and upkeep must be scientists. Its a feast for the eyes, various arrangements in all sorts of containers, water fountains, color, and they have assorted concrete benches and free popcorn to eat while sitting in awe! We bought a small Japanese maple which we have been lusting for the past two years (they are quite pricey) and finally gave into our lust for those plum colored leaves since it was the smallest one we have found for sell. We bought geraniums for the sunny side of our home and impatients for the shady side. We also bought a eye popping purple and red clematis, I hope it takes!!! I was in plant heaven I tell ya, I even bought a small watermelon plant


In the past I have always killed this plant, I hope I can get it to thrive!

speaking of watermelon, ever seen a square one? these are just too cool!!

Square watermelons & storage space

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