Glamorous stringy

In the April edition of Coagula (The lowdown on high art)

Amy Young: “If I had to simply define it, I would say
that art is the product or result of the union of emotion
and/or thought and action.
Personally, I think it’s one of the most majestic
components of life. Not only can we see the world’s
history through multitudes of artistic creations, it’s the
passion in some of those creations that have been a
fuel for me, and at times, salvation. From the guttural
strokes of a painting like De Kooning’s Women, I, to
haunting drawings by Antonin Artaud or the seminal
noise of Throbbing Gristle or the words of Burroughs
to the whole Exile on Main St. LP, I still marvel at these
timeless and brilliant offerings. I like passion, even if
I’m getting it from something wonderfully irreverent,
because that can fuel me, as well.”


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